Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Own Naughty Spot?

Ron rarely reads my blog, and certainly never reads any of the other spanking blogs, so you really have to wonder why he thought of this, so soon after Erica posted about the naughty chair in her immediate future.

It was an hour or so after a spanking, and I had gotten up from the couch to fiddle with the DVD player. As I walked across the room  I rubbed my bottom, and glanced at Ron to see if he was watching.

He was, so I rubbed harder and put on a mock frown. But Ron wasn't the least bit sympathetic. In fact quite the reverse. His suggestion?

"We need to get a hard wooden bench for you to sit on to prolong the sensation."

How thoughtful.

What do you think would be suitable?

This looks rather uncomfortable without a back.

Too stark. It doesn't fit the decor.

Lovely! an outdoor naughty spot for two to curl up in.

How beautiful. But it would look better with  a cushion. 

Ron would probably want something like this for me. Those slats look uncomfortable.

Ikea, here we come!

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

As if corner tims was not enough! Yikes.

PS Do not show him that nasty corner chair in Erica's blog.

ronnie said...

You certainly have a thoughtful husband Hermione but I don't think Ron would let you choose one:)

I love the look of the dark wooden seat. Yes hard but would feel so smooth and cold on your bottom after a spanking.


Erica said...

Oh, good grief. These tops are all of the same mind!

I half expected NG to show up at my door last night with that damn thing. Thank goodness, he didn't.

kiwigirliegirl said...

where do our HOH's come up with these ideas from??? *frowny face* some cool looking seats but the long bench....id find myself over that more than on it.....i did like the love seat though - cute :)

Daisychain said...

Right from when we first started spanking, Davey has always made me sit on a hard wooden chair after a spanking, for half an hour, WITH MY FEET OFF THE FLOOR!!!
Not resting on anything, just lifted a few inches up so I couldn't take any weight off my tender ass by leaning one side or the other, or pressing my feet down to ease my poor bottom. And, usually after he diligently massaged the pain IN for me, how sweet and thoughtful he was....


bree said...

Ladies and Gent, I do not know what you all are doing wrong, but I never get corner time after a spanking sitting down. It is always standing up and not only that it is very rare for me even to have to endure that. I usually get massages afterwards. Corner time after spankings, sitting down should be outlawed. Bottoms revolt! Unless you all like it that way.;)

Ha! Ha! Even my word verification agrees. It was unchair. Lol.

Hermione said...

Joey - Don't worry; he'll never set eyes on it.

Ronnie - I guess it should be up to him:) You're right about the smooth cold feeling. I want that one!

Erica - I can imagine him standing there with it tucked under his arm! Maybe next week...

Kiwi - They all had a different appeal. Hard to choose.

Daisy - That sounds like a strenuous position. It must take a toll on your abdominal muscles.

Bree - Uncair - that's so appropriate! LOL.


Red said...

another thoughtful gesture on your behalf. Ron is a modern saint...

Hermione said...

Red - Yes. very thoughtful; he's always putting my (dis)comfort first!


Fanz123 said...

Hermione, it's got to be the TOP one, adjustable seat so that you are like one of your writers, unable to touch the floor with your feet, and a small seat so that you can't move around it, and backless so that you have to sit properly

Hermione said...

Fanz123 - Welcome! I like the top one, but it's so obvious what its purpose is, we'd have to hide it away when hot in use.


Fanz123 said...

Hermione, spotted this picture today on cutiepie
this is the story link http://cutiepiessexyspankings.com/?p=16718