Sunday, August 28, 2011

You Completed the Caption

The caption above was posted on Very Demotivational. Now here are yours:

Daisychain: "OK, guys, advance VERY slowly, and watch where you stick those bayonets."

Or "When you said the enemy would show us a clean pair of heels, boss, I didn't expect the heels to be visible right up to the ass."

Or "OK, lads, form a nice orderly queue, you can all take a turn... but, hands only, none of those horsewhips, mind."

Six of the Best: Genghis Kahn says to his hordes of men, "You are viewing Canada's most beautiful tourist attraction, Hermione's spankable bare bottom".

Mindset: The man on the lead horse says, " I bet she you saw stars with those stripes!"

Prefectdt: It was the city's last line of defense. Skillfully tattooed across Dunyazad's bottom was the legend "Samarkand welcomes careful barbarian invaders".

Ronnie:  Ah those dogs think they can distract us by sending this mere women who shows us disrespect but she will pay dearly for her disrespect with 50 lashes of my whip on that bottom. 

Simon: The recent budget cuts meant that traffic signs had to be displayed in a rather different fashion causing much confusion amongst the tourists.

Lea: If you think you're going to invade my city, you can kiss my ass!

Bonnie: "I've heard tales about a blue moon, but until now I thought they were merely myth."

Michael: Moon over Mongolia.

Mitch: This is a job for Ghengis Cane.

MyMask: Okay boys, this is the Lea that I told you about. Dismount, and then mount ;)

Invading was never so much fun! Thanks to everyone who contributed. Next week, we conquer the world!

From Hermione's Heart

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i was i could think of something clever to say to this posts of yours hermione ;) hehe