Saturday, June 2, 2012

Complete the Caption

They're having a conversation that could lead to fireworks. Who was on the receiving end and why? Will the spankee be contrite and the spanker forgiving? Or has the action already happened?

These are a few questions to consider as you complete the caption by leaving a comment. I will publish your perspectives in the next post. (Don't you love alliteration?)

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...


"Are you smoking on our bed?"
"You know I hate that stink in our bedroom!" "Down with your pants."
The wife has him bend over the bed in position and pulls the belt from the loops. Scolding her husband, she gives him a thrashing until he is red.
"Now get in the corner until I am finished preparing myself for dinner and no rubbing."


PS I know, the story is a little far fetched, but it is my fantasy. LOL.

bobbsroom said...
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bobbsroom said...

Do these knickers make my bum look big?
No darling your bum makes your bum look big.

Have a great weekend Hermione we are on a lovely four dayer over hear.


sixofthebest said...

He said. "You look ravishing my darling wife, wearing suspender-belt and stockings. Even more so when, when I take your knicker's down, and give that bare bottom of yours's a blushing good spanking".

SNP said...

"We've discussed this many time, dear. Tonight is maintenance night as normal. But, we don't have time before the dinner party. You put on your pretty dress and we'll get going. And, remember love, your attitude from this point forward will determine if we move from maintenance to punishment later."
(SNP-from man's perspective)

Bonus round:) My husband wanted to add a caption this week and he does not have a Blogger account-

"You're looking rather slim, Virginia" (SNP's husband)

Thanks Hermione! Always great fun on Saturday morning.

sunnygirl said...

"You're not ready yet. I always have to wait for you"

"You know you love the view, quite complaining"

A. Lurker said...

Hermione: Sorry I'm late getting ready but I had to post "Complete the Caption" before we left.

Ron: You have been warned many times about leaving things to the last minute. I noticed that in your haste you reposted the picture from Nov 12/11. Mark my words, we will be dealing with all this when we get home tonight!

(Sorry, noticed the repost and couldn't help some gentle, all in fun. teasing. Hope I didn't offend)

Spanky said...

"I told you putting a sink in the bedroom was a terrible idea. Come to bed before I put you over my knee!"

Spankedhortic II said...

"You want to cane me for smoking on the bed! It was your dumb idea to put a bed in the bathroom in the first place.".


ricky said...

OK, I'm sorry I forgot our
By the way, which one was it?
Where are you going?

ronnie said...

"Henry, how many times have I told you not to smoke in the bedroom. Now put it out and go and fetch the bath brush, maybe sitting on a sore bottom at dinner will help you remember."


Simon said...

You do realise that you're in the wrong hotel room don't you?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what to use as a caption but it reminds me of the start of Psycho.