Tuesday, June 12, 2012

No one can see what you're reading

Or can they?

Joey wrote a hilariously funny account of the book being discussed at a family gathering. I have also heard the book being discussed in a most unlikely place. You'll see where when you read my comment on Joey's post.

From Hermione's Heart


SpankCake said...

It seems like ALL my friends are reading it and looking to me for my opinion. I'm having trouble getting through it but I keep moving forward hoping at some point it gets as hot as it's been hyped to me! I'm looking to starting some awkward conversations, though!


ronnie said...

I've still not read it yet Hermione.

Two colleagues at work where discussing it in the ladies, asked me if I had read, I said no what was it about:) One of the ladies went quite and the other one said in an almost whisper, "it's well, you know, has some kinky parts that I couldn't repeat" She then went on to say she's reading it when her husband's not around. It took all my willpower not to laugh.


Anonymous said...


Thanks so much for your comment about my post.

@Hermione and @ronnie -- It is hilarious that we have to pretend to appear "shocked" by the "awful" kinky things in the book.

Also, that is why I had the book on my Kindle. I did not want my family to find out. I did not expect my wife to tell the whole family I had read the book.


Hermione said...

SpankCake - I keep my ears open for conversations about the book.

Ronnie - That seems to be par for the course. Vanilla people are reluctant to actually say what it's about.

Joey - It seemed like a logical progression. And yes, it's hard not to jump in with TMI.


sixofthebest said...

Hermione, it seems the book "Fifty Shades of Grey", is 'flying', off the shelves in bookstores, the wide world over. I wonder how many pair's of knicker's have come down, and made 'Fifty Shades of Pink Derrieres' after reading this best seller.

sunnygirl said...

This past summer, my SIL's mother(82) was reading a Joanna Lindsey novel. I asked if she wanted to read something real steamy. She loved it and immediately ordered the other two. It really tickled me.

Dragon's Rose said...

Ha Ha. I told my two SIL what I was reading. One took it in stride. The other one almost fell out of the car. It was funny. No detailed discussions.

Am I outed? maybe..... If they are kinky they probably think I am vanilla.

Tess said...

Haha, I walked into my living room last week...to find my mother-in-law reading it on her kindle. Needless to say, I turned right back around!

Conina said...

I really don't want to waste my time reading this book, but.. it seems everyone is reading it, and I feel like I should in order to have the negative opinion I do. But, argh.

Changing The Rules said...

My book just came in at the library. I'm not sure I'm going to like it because I've heard that there are all kind of typos in the book and those make me crazy from a professional publisher. I love this graphic though.

Daisychain said...

OMG, some of the ladies where I work were discussing it quietly as they watched the kids in the playground.... I nearly passed out in shock when I heard one say, "where the hell do you FIND a guy like that? Cos I gotta find one...." and when I casually asked what kind of man they meant, one looked at me, smiled kindly (ok, patronisingly) and said, "don't worry, you wouldn't understand...."
Hahaha! xxxxxxxxxx

overherlap said...

Yes I have all three 50 shades on my ipad, and have only read the first one. I just traveled from Florida to Colorado and back. But I did not have the nerve to try reading it on the plane, as it was I read Killing Lincoln, and still the lady next to me wanted to see what I was reading. Glad I didn't try reading 50 shades.


Anonymous said...

After reading Joey's post, I told him I asked my 17 year old nephew who works part time at Barnes & Noble if they had gotten a lot of requests for "50 Shades..." He said, "Ugh, every damn day." He said a teacher came in and wanted to pay for it using her educator card. He said he asked her if she was planning to teach her students from the book. Lol.


Lea said...

I haven't read it but wonder if I should, just to stay relevant since everyone is talking about it. I find in general conversation I have to sometimes stop myself from giving TMI on a subject. My friend shot another friend with an Airsoft gun and said she was a masochist and someone asked what that meant. I sat quietly and let her explain. Lol.

Hermione said...

Six - A very good question.

Sunnygirl - OMG! I'm so glad she enjoyed it, good for you:)

DR - No, I don't think you have been outed.

Tess - A wise move.

Conina - No need to read it if it isn't your cup of tea.

CtheR - Typos make me crazy too. You can give it a try and see if you can get past them.

Daisy - LOL! If they only knew you'd found one!

Dave - The last time I had my reader with me, the dental hygienist wanted to know all about how an ereader worked. Aargh! Luckily, I wasn't actually reading it at the time, but it was there on the home page.

Kiki - I imagine an English teacher could use it for a grammar lesson or two, on what not to do.

Lea - You did the right thing. Hard to stay silent, but worse to speak and give yourself away.