Sunday, June 10, 2012

You Completed the Caption

Just when I thought I'd heard of all the kinky variations there are, something like this crops up. I liked the above caption from It's so true in Canada! Here's what you had to say:

Season: "Yes, boys, the sand IS hot today. Maybe you'll remember to pack my flip flops next time we go to the beach."

SNP: Looks can be deceiving...the men agreed to help Charlotte practice her circus act on the beach. But, it was she who felt the sting on her backside later.

SNP's husband: Frank and Bruno employ some unusual methods in training for the Charles Atlas look-a-like contest.

Sunnygirl: " I said move, now move it."

A. Lurker: Cue music:
"Sand and shells are annoying as hell"
"But whips and chains excite me"
(apologies to Rihanna)

Ronnie: "Whip crack-away, whip crack-away, whip crack-away."
"I wish Freda wouldn't take her part as Calamity Jane quite so seriously and why always practice on the beach.

Prefectdt: Since donkeys had been banned from the sand, Crampton Upon Sea's annual beach front race had taken on a whole new image.

Daisychain: Dammit, Mike, when I asked you if she would be game for a threesome, this is NOT what I had in mind...

Julia: Looks like the left one could be Hitler...

Bonnie: "On Dasher, On Dancer..."

Ms. Betty: Guy 1 "'Sure thing,' he says. '100% certain. Safe bet, no way we can lose' he says."
Guy 2 "I swear it's worked before, every single time."
Her "Next time don't bet with a girl with a degree in calculus and another in statistical analysis. Now quit talking and CRAWL!"

Michael M: "I preferred it when we could have animals in the circus. This Cirque du Soleil stuff is too much like hard work."

Kingspan: "You're right, Fred. Your wife is kind of cranky before she has her first cup of coffee."

Chrissy: This is the last time I agree with a women about what a stallion I am.

Thank you all for your clever contributions.

From Hermione's Heart

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