Monday, April 6, 2015

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for April 5

We discussed spanking cravings this week. Here's what you said:

Anon 1: All of the above, but if I had to choose it would be more intensity after a good warm up. I don't mark or bruise easily and I would like to have some outward indication of a sparking (welts or brushing) for at least a few days afterwards rather than an hour or two.

James: i love it best when i beg to stop and she does not!
More and more the heat, humiliation of my arousal and finally the tears that come with the real emotion that sweeps over me.

Welcome, James!

arched one: I already get fantastic spanking from her and a nice after glow. Maybe more talking during the spanking.

Dr. Ken: Frequency is the issue--I haven't had the opportunity to spank someone since November. That's way too long, to put it mildly....

Nina: Hi Hermione, after almost a year without we are back to spankings for discipline and fun. And what is most important for me is that I am held accountable that way. After discipline/punishment, all is good and I feel great. So, since we have that again now, my cravings are fulfilled for the biggest part.

Six of the best: Hermione, I crave for realistic spanking videos. One of these videos recently was exhibited by xhamster, called "Late for Parade". I gave it a 'six of the best' rating.

Minelle: My guy says it most days....but even so, the thrill of him saying those words is still needed.
I think longer is important when its been a while. Time to get into the moment.

Baxter: As it is, I get spanked once or twice a week, typically only on weekends. I do want it more, maybe once during the week, but when I get home from work, I lose some interest. My wife is typically tired also from work so I doesn't happen during the week. We are working on the intensity of the spankings. yesterday, I handed her the 18" whip and I laid over a pile of pillows and she whipped me hard. I did move out of the way a couple of times, but got back in position to take more. In the end, she must have spanked 50 times and my bottom is still a bit sore today. We do have a variety of implements so it won't always be the same. But more often might be desirable.

Anon 2: I crave a plump, firm female bottom, nicely framed by raised skirts, lowered panties, and frilly suspenders, its owner well bent over and bound in place, so that I can spank that tempting bottom until it glows pink, after which, I can part those cheeks and bring us both to a mutually happy conclusion.
However I have no need to crave, as I have just such a bottom willingly available whenever she or I feel the need.

Ronnie: More frequency for me, though I don't do too bad now:)

ricky: Just that feel good feeling from both of us, every time.

Hermione: I'm pretty satisfied with frequency, severity and variety of implements. What I would really love is some aftercare. A gentle, soothing bottom rub with fragrant lotion or cream would be my idea of the perfect end to a spanking.

Thank you all for joining in. See you again next week!

From Hermione's Heart

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