Monday, April 14, 2008

Announcing the Winners

It's time to announce the winners of the Red Shoehorn contest.
RPT was the first one to guess the correct language - Danish - so s/he gets or gives two swats with the Red Devil, or an available substitute.
Bonnie gave us the correct translation - Everyone is full of his own opinion - and although Pest thought that using Google was cheating and grounds for a spanking, Bonnie has won five spanks, to be taken in any way she chooses.
The contenders for the grand prize of 10 spanks are:
Michael - Not only for use with shoes but on naughty bottoms
Karl Friedrich Gauss - For those who need a little spanking with their shoesDr. Ken - If the shoe don't fit, you must acquit
Paul - Don't hit your pa more than five times

I think they're all very creative, so I'm calling it a four-way tie, and you're each awarded the honour of giving 10 swats to the target of your choice.
Thank you to everyone who participated.


Michael said...

LOL A four way tie, Hermione. How so very politically correct of you, but maybe not when you consider the prize. ;) Kudos to RPT and Bonnie for the good language and translation work. Also, kudos to you, Hermione, for such a fun contest. Thanks. :)



I feel really embarrassed that really looked like old pre war Dutch to me, but I do not think that I have seen written Danish before. Apart from the "pa" with the accent over the P, there is not one word there that I have not seen used in old Dutch, even "pa" without the accent is used ( an equivalent of "dad" or informal "father"). I think that the languages must be closely related.


Reesa Roberts said...

Dang, I missed the contest! Cute answers, though!

Dr. Ken said...

10 swats to the target of my choice, eh?
You got some free time on Friday? :-)

Dr. Ken

Paul said...

Hermione, thanks, hmm looking for targets!!!
Warm hugs,

Hermione said...

I'm glad everyone enjoyed themselves. Hopefully we can do it again sometime.

I have a small confession to make. I wasn't going to say this in the post itself, but my conscience has been troubling me.

I thought the language was Norwegian. There's a little sticker on the back that says (I think) "Made in Norway". Of course, it quite possibly might say "Ages 3 - adult" for all I know. I even used an English-Norwegian translation website and got nowhere.

I'm very grateful to Bonnie for including proof of what language it was, otherwise I might not have awarded the prizes correctly.

This is worse than hanging chads!


Anonymous said...

Hermione, it was a good contest and it was great reading all of the things people thought it said!

Congratulations to all the winners including Bonnie who I still think cheated by using Google but oh well! She got the saying right so my congratulations to her as well! LOL!

Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

There is a story in the back pages of the real life forum on about spankings with a shoehorn like this so I'm not that surprised that it's Danish, because if I recall correctly, that contributor either was Danish or her story took place in Denmark. Has anyone seen shoehorns like this being used in North America.

Thanks for including me in the prize, Hermione, and interesting to think we both thought it was Norwegian.

Hermione said...

karl - I bought it in eastern Canada, so it somehow made its way across the ocean. As for it's being used, well....

Oh, you mean to help put shoes on!


Michael said...

Yes, I have seen shoehorns like that in the States. Not written in Danish, of course.


Terpsichore said...

I missed it! Well, I am not very good at contests anyways. Great contest though and congratulations to the winners... :-)

Anonymous said...

Hello Hermione

As a Norwegian I'm sorry to tell you have awarded the wrong winner of your contest. The text written on the shoehorn "Den vet best hvor skoen trykker,som har den på" is for sure Norwegian. The translation to English will be like this: The one who wear the shoe is the one who know best where it is squeezing (the toes).

Bonnie (and google) is not much to blame for the mistake because Norwegian and Danish are very close related languages. It’s is just one letter in the second word in the text that clearly identify it to be Norwegian and not Danish.
In Danish it most probably will be written like this:"Den ved best hvor skoen trykker,der har den på". I'm not sure but I think it will be possible also in Danish to use "som" in stead of "der” after the comma. So it's the use of the letter t instead of a d in the second word that identifies it for me to be Norwegian and not Danish.

So Mr. Betula the Viking have to judge that Karl Friedrich Gauss is the real winner of the contest, but that Hermione has one of nicest blog he have seen on the web.

Mr. Betula

Anonymous said...

I have checked a little bit more and this is how the proverb is written in Danish: -

”Den ved bedst, hvor skoen trykker, som har den på.”

One d instead of t, plus an extra d and a comma is the difference between the Danish and the Norwegian spelling of the proverb.

The direct translation to English is:
The one who wear the shoe is the one who know best where it squeeze.

I feel that Bonnie’s explanation of the meaning "Everyone is full of his own opinion" is somewhat close but not 100% equal.
The best I can come up with with my not faultless English will be:

The one who has the problem will be the best to ask about what is wrong.