Friday, April 4, 2008

The View from Here

It has been a little over a year since, after a long hiatus, my husband and I reinstated spanking to its rightful position in our lifestyle. If you would like to read about it, Bonnie very kindly allowed me to share my experience with her readers here.
Once my interest in spanking was reawakened, I lost no time in reading all I could about it, in books and novels, and of course on the internet. I wanted to make up for lost time by trying every position and buying every implement. I talked about spanking non-stop often and begged to be spanked each evening.

My husband, on the other hand, did not have quite the same obsessive interest in the subject, and got tired of hearing about it. When he finally complained that our conversations were "all spanking, all the time" I realized that, in my enthusiasm, I had lost some perspective.
What I propose to do, from time to time, is to address a single spanking-related topic, tell you my fantasy of how I would like things to be, then share the reality of how it actually is, including the positive way in which we are approaching the ideal.

The picture at the top of this post was taken by my talented husband from our backyard. It's there to remind me that, while we each might see things from a different angle, we both share the same view.
For a start, I'm going to explore the way we each go about finding information about all things spanking.
The Fantasy - We will sit at the computer together, reading helpful and informative blogs, composing comments together and discussing how we can apply what we have read into our daily spanko life. Ron will eagerly read our how-to spanking books and tell me what he'd like to explore next.

The Reality - While I am a word person, my husband is very much picture-oriented. While I can devour pages of description about a spanking and be very turned on by it, Ron would likely glance at the first few lines then turn his attention elsewhere. Any blogs he visits would have to be ones with plenty of photographs. And while I am a detail nut, he doesn't feel the need for any more instructions. He knows where to find my bottom and what to do to it.
Where we are now - Ron enjoyed a couple of pictures of Santa administering a spanking that I sent him last December; they have now been added to his wallpaper collection and I expect to see them again once the holidays roll around.
I'm going to make a point of sending him other interesting theme pictures - football cheerleaders come to mind - as I find them, as well as letting him read over my shoulder when I see an interesting or funny blog post that features text that's enhanced with good graphics. That just might open the door to discussion, or at least give us something to laugh about or admire together. It will also be a great way to introduce him to some of my many blogging friends.


Michael said...

Wonderful idea, Hermione! Juxtaposing the fantasy and the reality. Your first example is very informative. While I am also a detail person and love the written word there is a lot to be said for pictures. Also, most men tend toward the voyeuristic. Can't wait to hear more of your fantasy/reality pieces. Thanks. :)


Anonymous said...

Just wanted you to know I enjoy your blog. This was a great post. I share your fantasy of surfing the net together for spanking information and inspiration, but that hasn't happened yet. We're still new to spanking, only a few weeks really. Hubby is happy letting me find information and tell him anything that I find relevant. I have emailed him some pictures of toys that look interesting. That has worked out well. We've tried a couple of things and talked about more. Good luck with your plan.

Terpsichore said...

Thank-you for sharing your fantasies and realities. :-)

Paul said...

Hermione, this sounds interesting, I shall continue to follow your posts and comment when I have something relevant to add.
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Hermione, I just read your story on Bonnie's blog and it was a really amazing story and I am so glad that you and Ron have found your places again in the spanking world. Someday I hope to have a relationship like yours and Ron's but I am not sure I could ever let the control go again since my ex husband abused me so severely when I tried to get him into spanking. I fear that I will NEVER have a DD relationship even though that is what I know I need. Thanks for sharing this with us. It was very good to read.

Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

Read your post (that you linked to)on Bonnie's blog, Hermione. It was a great story. I just love reading real life accounts like that.

Hermione said...

Michael - Thank you. I think the concept is going to be fun to develop.

k - It sounds like you and your husband are off to a great start.

Terpsichore - It's my pleasure.

Paul - I always enjoy reading your comments.

Pest - I don't think DD will ever happen for us, either. I'm sorry to hear about your past abuse. That takes some getting over.

Ksrl - Thank you. That was a pretty scary leap into the blogosphere for me.