Wednesday, April 9, 2008

To Sir, With Love

I call my husband Sir. It was my idea, and I do so because I want to. It just seems to fit in with the way our relationship has evolved, and it excites me tremendously.
It doesn't happen it all the time, though. Definitely not on weekday mornings when I am getting ready to go to work and am in Professional Woman mode. And if one of us is irritable, under the weather, or preoccupied, then it doesn't even occur to me.
When we are home together in the evening I will say "Sir". It's my way of reconnecting with him after a busy day. Ron likes it; he's told me so, and he isn't backward about coming forward if I do anything he doesn't like. He'll play along, and order me to get him a drink, for example. I'll say, "Yes, Sir", our eyes connect, and an amazing electricity passes between us. As we share a brief look that says everything about who we are, what we do together, and what it means to us, it's totally erotic.
Actually, that's the best part. Previously, eye contact between us almost never happened. The times Ron would look me in the eyes were limited to moments when he was angry, and it was intended to be intimidating, not romantic. But now, eye contact is almost a given between us, and happens consistently and frequently.

I have yet to use the S word at the office while I am speaking to my husband on the phone, because I know I will be overheard. I might someday, but not yet. Nor am I comfortable saying it if we are out together, although it sometimes happens if nobody is within earshot.
One evening, we were playing a board game with some friends, and I forgot myself. I had lost our team a few points, and Ron was playfully lecturing me on my mistake. I inadvertently slipped into submissive mode and said "Yes, Sir" before I could catch myself. The others probably assumed I was being sarcastic (I hope) but I wasn't.
As you may already know, we don't do punishment spanking. All spankings are strictly erotic. But after each one, I always say, "Thank you, Sir". It just feels right.
In one of his Round table discussions, Todd said that this can be considered a form of role play. I think he's right. I am playing a role, and the intention is to let my husband know that I'm submissive and ready for a spanking whenever he's up for it.


Paul said...

Hermione, I would think that your Ron loves it.
When my Mel was feeling really comfortable in her submission, Sir would slip out, I don't think that she did it consciously, it thrilled me because it showed her state of mind.
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

I would tend to think that Paul is right - your Ron loves it. I know I love it when luvbunny calls Me Sir - and it was something she did on her own also.

Anonymous said...

Hermione, to me calling Ron Sir when you are in a submissive role I am sure pleases him. I know when someone calls me "Mistress" when I am in my dominant mode it pleases me and they do it on their own. I don't tell them they have to call me that but it does feel good. I still have yet to acquire my submissive role but when I do I hope I can call someone "Sir" or "Mistress". I use to when I had a Master but he released me due to family situations in 2006.
Very good story and thanks for sharing it.

PK said...

The only time I really say sir is when Nick is asking questions during a spanking. But I know what you mean about eye contact. That is just so special. And yes it rarely happen in the past 25 year or so but now quite often.


Terpsichore said...

There is such magic when eyes meet...I love making eye contact with my husband as we pass by... :-) Nice story

Hermione said...

Paul - I'm sure Mel was very happy being submissive to you.

dragonmage - It's good to know how to please your man in little ways like that.

Pest - Thanks, I'm glad I could share it.

PK - Interesting how life together just gets better with each passing year.

terpsichore - It is magic!


Michael said...

Hermione, thanks for sharing such a lovely story. The best part for me is your new found eye contact. Eyes can be so sexy and intimate. There is nothing more exciting than looking deeply into a woman's eyes, whether in bed in the living room or out on the town.


Hermione said...

Michael - It is exciting, and I'm so happy to have found the key!


Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only one who loves to call Him sir...something about the word just sends a shiver down my spine. It could be the word, or the devilish grin I get every time I use the word...