Friday, April 18, 2008

The View From Here - Positions

There are so many positions a man can put a woman into in order to give her a spanking. Some sound uncomfortable, some require furniture we don't have, and some seem like they'd be just right.

The Fantasy - There's a wonderful pair of pictures in Consensual Spanking by Jules Markham. They clearly show, using stick figures with little round heads and little round bottoms, more than two dozen positions for the spankee to assume. I would like to photocopy and enlarge the diagrams and pin them to the bedroom wall. We would then try each one, crossing out the ones that didn't appeal and circling the keepers.

The Reality - My usual position is face down along the length of the bed. I have recently tried putting a couple of firm pillows underneath me. Mentally it makes a huge difference; I feel 'presented'. Physically, it brings the target area into perfect alignment with my husband's aim, which results in the sit spots getting most of the action. Much better. So that counts as two. Sometimes, if the pillows aren't available, I'll shift to elbows and knees. That's three.

I once came into the bedroom to find Ron sitting on the side of the bed. So I asked him, "Would you like to put me over your knee and spank me?"
Oh. "Why not?"

That's still three.

And then there was the time we began cuddling on the couch, then decided to move the action upstairs to the bedroom. I got there first, and was standing with my back to the door, wearing only a long t-shirt, when Ron came up behind me, still fully clothed. He placed his hand on the center of my back and firmly pushed me down over the end of the bed. I helpfully lifted the shirt up out of the way. He began to spank me with his hand, quite hard, alternating left and right. But he was standing too close. The swats were landing either too high, or on the outsides of my cheeks. Not very nice.

Then he stopped. Before I could look back to see what was happening, I heard the magical song of the belt loops. I braced myself, and felt the doubled leather strike exactly on my sweet spot, over and over. With almost every stroke, electricity surged to that special place deep within my body. I was supremely content.

And that's four.


Terpsichore said...

I printed out the list of positions Bonnie has on her site and placed it in our folder I created of loveletters and spanking information from me to my husband starting with my first letter to him sharing my fantasy. I do not know if he has looked at them more than a glance; however, I have found myself in a few positions. Playfully, he has swatted me in the kitchen so standing or slightly bent over would be one, lying face down on the bed - 2, he has leaned me over the edge of the bed once or twice - 3, and once I asked him to massage my lower back and squirmed my way across his lap and while I was there anyway he gave me a few nice love taps so - 4, and oh then he spanks me while I am lying on top of him giving him a hug so 5...and one time while we were making love I was on my hands and knees and I felt a few spanks so, if I look at this it seems like I am quite experienced... now if I could just get him to spank me with more intensity and more than just a few swats here and there, and more frequently... but truly I am not meaning to complain...I really do appreciate all his efforts and love him for steps :-)
Sorry for babbling on. Hugs, Terpsichore

Paul said...

Hermione, our favourite spanking position was with me leaning against the headboard with Mel laying over my lap, upper body and legs supported by the bed and bottom nicely raised.
Not only is this position comfortable and suitable for hand spanking and many other toys.
Also it's easy to change to snuggles and cuddles from that position.
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Maybe a bit off the point, but I liked your 'magical song' of the belt loops trope. Many girls of my acquaintance have a quivery love/hate relationship with that noise, and I invented a written effect for it - 'swiishlack!

But to return to your topic, I find the diaper position, with a girl's knees pushed well back and her ankles held tightly in the non-spanking hand, presents her sit-spots quite nicely for a downward stroke. That's assuming the girl can deal with the idea of what else is presented in that position. *G*


Hermione said...

Terpsichore - Wow! You are doing really well! Baby steps are good. You'll both be running before you know it. And thanks for reminding me about a couple of positions I had forgotten about.

Paul - That is one position I really want to try. It sounds perfect!

Devlin - Thank you. Your compliment means a lot to me.

As for the diaper position, I'm familiar with something similar for post-spanking activities. But for a spanking in that position, I'm afraid the pull of gravity would be too much for Ron to have to contend with.