Friday, April 25, 2008


"Everyone else is doing it. Why can't I?"

"If everyone jumped off a cliff, would you do it too?"

You've all heard some variation of this as a child, when you wanted to follow the herd, do what the other kids were doing, or have what you thought everyone else had.

So it was with me. I had heard so much about the wonders of the bath brush (aka dogleg brush) on certain blogs that shall remain nameless, that I had to find one for us.

I wandered through the bath department of several stores before I located my prize in The Pottery Barn. There were several on display, tastefully arranged in a decorative jug. I chose the one with the nicest finish and perfectly straight bristles. As I paid for it I felt sure the associate knew what its intended purpose was.

Ron usually strenuously opposes any addition to our growing implement collection. He is happy with what we have, and the drawer is getting quite full. On this occasion, when I unpacked my purchase and held it out to him, he examined it, smiled, and said, "Which side do I use?" How I wish he had sternly ordered me to take it right back to the store and get a refund!

Fast forward to my next regularly scheduled spanking. I knew I was in for a more severe experience than usual, but even so I was totally overwhelmed by the intensity of the first smack on my left bottom cheek. It seared my skin and made me cry out. The next one was just as bad, as the brush attacked the other side.

As Ron continued his assault, I squealed after every single swat, which is very uncharacteristic of me. I had to summon every ounce of self-control I possessed to keep from begging him to stop, or at least to ease up a little. It was one of the rare occasions when the thoughts running through my head were something along the lines of "Why am I doing this? I must be crazy! It hurts too much."

Ron paused to rub my aching bottom, and I caught my breath. When he resumed, the sting was still fierce but somehow more manageable, and I took the spanking more quietly. By the time he put down the brush for good, I had reached the point that, while I was glad it was over, I probably could have endured a few more if necessary. Gotta love those endorphins.

We need to have a serious talk about warm ups before I let that brush near my bottom again.

The lesson I learned? Following the herd can sometimes be a real pain.


Michael said...

Oh, my, what an experience, Hermione. Glad your endorphins kicked in when they did. Happy it turned out the way it did and you haven't sworn off the bath brush for good. Thanks for sharing such a sweet story. :)


Paul said...

Hermione, nice story, well told.
Can I say, you will learn.
Warm hugs,

Greenwoman said...

*smiles* Warm ups do make a difference don't they?

Bonnie said...


Who could have recommended such a dastardly discipline device? Why, whoever it was, they deserve a good dose of the same!


Terpsichore said...

Ouch is all I can say...I feel warned...though can't promise I won't make that same mistake someday... :-)

Anonymous said...

I have never had the bath brush and have often thought the same, "I wonder what that would be like." I think I shall stay away from it, our paddle can make me 'sing' enough.


PK said...

Count me in the lemming group! I have really wanted one like that and I agree with Bonnie that the pusher of these things should be spanked! But I haven't found one yet. We have a longer handle acrylic one and to be honest it is our most painful toy but I just saw another one similar to it and I am probably going to go back and get it because it is such a pretty color!! There is some part of me that things we are kinda nuts! LOL.
Enjoy your new toy!


mthc said...

Yes i have to agree the bath brush is evil..We have one like bonnie has pictured on her blog and it's brutal..I DON'T LIKE IT! I told David yesterday that he needed to warm me up first before he used that

Hermione said...

Michael - I owe my endorphins a lot!

Paul - I'm sure I will learn.

Greenwoman - Yes, they do make a difference. They're on Ron's to-do list.

Bonnie - I agree. You, er, they, sure do deserve it!

Terpsichore - Ouch pretty much sums it up.

Wilhelmina - That's a good plan.

PK - Colour is very important in implement choice. Go for it.

mthc - Yes, ours is the very same. I think Bonnie has shares in a bath brush company.


Brooke D said...

I know what you mean! I bought a bath brush at BBB after hearing other people say what *fun* it could be. It is 4" in diameter and 18" long including the handle. I am almost always warmed up before a hard spanking, but one time I made hubby mad and he pulled out that brush and gave me 10 really hard swats with that thing on my jeans. Ouch!


Anonymous said...

Hermione, I have had a wooden bath brush and a plastic bath brush used on me. Wanna guess which one hurt the most? The plastic brush hurt more than the wooden bath brush to my surprise and shock. They both do sting and hurt like the dickens. I purchased mine at Wal-mart for under three dollars! I know what was going through my mind when I purchased it but I am sure the salesperson had no clue. LOL!

Hermione said...

River - Good thing you had your jeans to protect you. And 'fun' is definitely the wrong word.

Pest - Yes, plastic can be nasty too. I have seen a bullet-proof plexiglass paddle. Not thank you!


Michelle said...

It's funny because I introduced my boyfriend to spanko culture, and he was happy to excite me, but the only time he seemed excited about spanking me was when he picked up his bath brush as depicted above.... HA HA-- being that we are just embarking on our spanking journeys I cringed! We haven't gotten there yet-- let's put it that way