Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The To-Do List

The great graphic at the top of this post of Bonnie's has always made me laugh. I wish I knew how to make one just like it, but I don't, so the borrowed fridge picture will have to do. But I did steal reuse her idea about the list.

Whenever I have a few days off work, we
make two lists and put them on the fridge. One is a list of chores to do together around the house, and the other is a list of fun, tourist-type things like day trips, restaurants to visit, and outdoor activities. Just for fun, I added "Spank Hermione" to the list of chores. I waited for a reaction or a comment, but Ron didn't mention it.

I wasn't disappointed,
however. Ron did give me a very sound spanking one evening. The next morning after breakfast, he motioned for me to come over to the refrigerator. He picked up a pen, crossed "Spank Hermione" off the list, dusted off his hands and proudly said, "There! That's done."


Anonymous said...

Always good to accomplish something! *falls over laughing* ^_^
Hrmm ... perhaps I should add that to the chore board We put up for the girls. ^_^

Greenwoman said...

Maybe you should have put it on there more than once...? LOL! I like that story. *smiles*

Anonymous said...

Hermione, your story has me laughing with the chore list idea. Like Greenwoman said you should have put it up there more often and see what Ron would do! LOL! Of course you could put it on there every other item! *WEG*

Paul said...

Hermione, nothing wrong with asking. hope that you enjoyed what you received.
i enjoyed that post of Bonnies, so many of those commenters are lost to us.
Warm hugs,

Hermione said...

dragonmage - Yes, it does provide a great deal of satisfaction when a job is completed and well done.

Greenwoman - That's exactly what I thought when he crossed off the item. I should have added X 5.

Pest - Once was definitely not enough. But he didn't need the list to remind him again, I'm glad to say.

Paul - No harm at all in asking. I've never had a spanking I didn't enjoy.
Many of those posters were before my time, and unfortunately I never had the pleasure of meeting them.


Michael said...

Great post, Hermione! I bet Ron wishes all his chores were so fun and satisfying. I bet you do too. :)


Brooke D said...

Very clever! I am always looking for new ways to "ask", since I prefer not to just come right out and say it. I may just steal this one!


Anonymous said...


You are performing a real public service here putting thoughts in the minds of those we love. The response to my e-mail to my spouse asking what was on our to-do list for the weekend came back with "Rosen your bottom" on top! Hurrah! Much more fun than raking leaves, cleaning out the porch and returning empty bottles, etc.. Would you mind continuing to post that, say just prior to each weekend?

jo lee

Terpsichore said...

I like the addition to your to-do list :-) I always put fun things for myself on my to-do lists - relax, stretch, take a bath...funny those are usually things that don't get accomplished...might have to try again and add spanking to the list and post it on my fridge - and this time put the fun things on the top of the might just get me what I am hoping for... :-) Take care, Terpsichore