Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spanx - The Verdict

The name of this product is what appeals to us spankos, and here's why the creator chose the name she did:

"Sara Blakely recognized the value of the "k" sound. Kodak and Coca-Cola are two of the most recognized brand names in the world and in comedy. It is a trade secret that "k" words make people laugh and feel good. So Sara felt that the "k" was good luck and had to be in her product's name. SPANKS hit her one day like a lighting bolt and eventually became SPANX with an "X" because she also knew that made up names were more successful than real names. We feel the name is edgy, fun extremely catchy and for a moment it makes your mind wander (admit it). Plus, it's all about making women's butts look better, so why not?"

With a name like that, I really had to try these out for myself. I found a store nearby that sells them, bought a couple of items, and am wearing them as I write this. Two general impressions: they aren't cheap, and it's a good idea to buy a larger size than you think you'll nee<d.

Putting on the Power Panties, very similar to bike shorts minus the padding, was like trying to squeeze into a tube sock. In future I will wait at least half an hour after taking a shower before attempting this. Any stray water molecules definitely impede the process.

Once on, they're reasonably comfortable, although a bit constricting. I probably should have gone with the next size up. Or two. But I'm not impressed with the effect. The big advantage is supposed to be an alternate way to avoid those dreaded panty lines. But, as opposed to wearing a thong, which reveals two rounded bottom cheeks, the Spanx produces a single large, flat backside known as 'uni-bum'.

Esthetically speaking (and my husband, a confirmed butt-man, will back me up on this), the rear view is not at all appealing. The slacks I am wearing usually mold snugly to my posterior. With a pair of Spanx on underneath, the fabric hangs in folds. I had no idea there was so much of me in need of serious compression. But that could be a plus. I can go shopping for new pants in a smaller size.

If you try wearing Spanx during a spanking, you'd better plan on a considerable pause in the action if you decide to take them off part way through. And the spanker had better stand back! As for wearing them after, they aren't very kind to a well-spanked bottom. Trust me on that one.

I also bought a bra, and had help with choosing the size, thanks to the price sticker. It displayed a size considerably smaller than the one on the box. I used the sticker size to choose a good fit. Although I won't be posting any pictures, you can trust me when I say I'm nowhere near a double D, yet I couldn't have shoehorned my girls into anything smaller.

Just one woman's opinion.

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