Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Bill

While driving to work in the morning I usually listen to CBC Radio 1. As I pulled into the parking lot yesterday, a program called "The Current" began. It always starts with a short satirical comment on something currently in the news that will be discussed later on the show. Imagine my reaction when I heard this:

The Senate has passed bill S-209, which prohibits parents from spanking their children.

Currently, The Prime Minister has made it very clear the bill does not cover cabinet ministers.

This is The Current.

I wondered whether the Speaker of the House - that's the person who controls the proceedings, makes sure protocol is followed and keeps everyone in line in the House of Commons - will now be called the Spanker of the House? The Party Whips will be doing double duty too, no doubt.

Here's the full story about the bill. It's interesting that over 600 readers commented.

Also of interest is another story currently in the news, about a twelve year old girl whose father punished her by forbidding her to go on a class trip. She sued her father, won her case, and went on the trip.



On the first part of your post : - I support the decision to ban spanking children in Canada and also support the spanking of politicians. In fact I think it should be proposed to the UN that the compulsory spanking of politicians, in all countries, should become international law.

On the second part of your post: - It is obvious that such a stupid thing as this even making it to a court of law shows that the Canadian legal system is in as bad a state as that in the UK and the USA.


Michael said...

Very funny and I agree with the punishment of politicians. And while children must be protected I feel that it is best to keep government out of our homes as much as possible. AS far as the court case, isn't it amazing and silly what the courts waste valuable time and money on!


Greenwoman said...

Just when I thought I had collected my thoughts, Prefectdt stole my thunder. He said exactly what I the last word. LOL! Have a great day Hermione!! *waves to all*

Hermione said...

I agree with you all. Keep in mind that the court case was in Quebec, which has a completely different judicial system than the rest of Canada.


Anonymous said...

It is truly scary how much we the people allow the government to control our lives. It started because too many were to lazy and wanted the government to take care of them, well now, many governments are overstepping with ridiculous outcomes. I agree the politicians really need spanked!!