Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Truth in Advertising

My husband's favourite fast food restaurant is Harvey's. The burgers are flame-broiled, cooked to order, and finished off with your choice of fresh toppings and condiments.

As I drove past a Harvey's yesterday, I saw a sign below the main logo which read:

How to Top

So that's where he gets his fresh ideas from.

(In case you're dying to know, the rest of the sign, in smaller print, said "Canada's Best Tasting Burger".)

The next three eye-catching slogans are from advertisements in various newspapers:

Leatherdays - A sale of leather furniture

Grab Your Paddle! - A canoing expedition

Ouch! Did You Get Your Heating Bill? - replacing your old furnace and air conditioner


Paul said...

Hermione, I always knew it, we live in a spanko world, only 95% of the population haven't realised it yet. Chuckles.
Warm hugs,

Mr. Williams said...

I am not so sure that the rest of the world doesn't know it...I think they may just not be as open about it...these signs may just be thier small way of telegraphing to the world exactly what thier up to...I mean they had to realize what they were saying, didnt they?
Anyway, fun post as always Hermione...

Mr. Williams

Michael said...

Funny post, Hermione. Harvey's, now another in a growing number of reason to visit Canada. :)


Hermione said...

Paul - You're right. It is a spanko world.

Mr. W - Yes, I do think they knew what they were saying. It couldn't have been accidental. Obviously, it was effective!

Michael - Please do visit. Tim Horton's is another good reason - best coffee in Canada.


Greenwoman said...

You have the best posts...! *grins*

I saw that you hosted the brunch. Damn! I was so busy Sunday and early in the week that I'm just getting by to say hello. I missed it. :(

It was a good un too.

Anonymous said...

Local newspaper articles often have double meaning headlines in them. I just read them have a little chuckle and carry on reading.

This weeks gem - "Creative ideas for outdoor entertainment" This headline was tailor made for a vivid imagination. The actual article - a collection of BBQ recipes.

Hermione said...

Greenwoman - I'm sorry you couldn't join us for brunch. But please feel free to leave your contribution as a comment on the recap post, if you feel inclined.

Rio - I used to chuckle and move along too, but now I collect them for blog posts. Double entendres are always fun!