Friday, June 6, 2008

New Paddles for Old

When I got home yesterday I found a note on the table that read, "C.P. Pickup, next Monday".

Ron had taken a phone message from a local association that provides assistance and resources to people with cerebral palsy. Once a month they call us and offer to pick up any gently used items like clothing, books, toys and household furnishings. The goods are sold to a local for-profit thrift store, which in turn sells them to the public. Everybody benefits from the arrangement.
We regularly declutter our home and so always have something to donate. Each bag is clearly marked with a printed label that reads "C.P. Pickup".

Since the items are destined for the thrift store that I often shop at for pervertables, I can imagine a Corporal Punishment pickup. What if all the boxes and bags along our street marked "C.P. Pickup" contained worn-out switches, broken paddles and hairbrushes, outgrown spanking benches, floggers with only a few lashes in them and the like.

Maybe I'll tuck the evil bath brush into one of our bags. It might find a good home.


Michael said...

Hermione, fun post! When I read the note I immediately thought of corporal punishment for c.p. Thought maybe you had a sevice that stopped by your house with a van and drove you to a corporal punishment appointment. Hey, that may be a great business idea.

You really hate that bath brush, don't you?

BTW Sorry I missed your naming contest, Hermione. That looked like fun. On Dev's site yesterday I listed some groups in one of my comments in regards to something else. You may want to take a look. :)


Hermione said...

Michael - I found your cluster of groups. Dev sure got a lot of comments on that one! Yes, you should have entered. They were all good ones. Too bad Wordpress doesn't have an e-mail feature like Blogger, so we can all keep abreast of the comment threads.

I liked the 'Girls Rule' concept too. Ms. Betty wrote quite an explicit post about 3 days ago, and explained how she uses a ruler in those hard to reach areas.


dwcmike said...

Hermoine; The bath brush is not evil, it just depends on the position, arm strength, and reason why you are blessed with it... :-)
bottoms up

Hermione said...

dwcmike - You're right. The reason does make a difference. It's a great stress reliever. But it still hurts a lot!


Anonymous said...

Hermione, I don't like the bath brush either and I make sure my spankers don't use it unless I earn a punisment one but then again I don't get many punishment ones because I don't have a regular spanker that I will submit to. LOL!

Greenwoman said...

Do you think he'd miss it?

Hermione said...

Pest - So lucky you! You manage to avoid the EBB!

Greenwoman - Probably not. He usually sticks to the leather implements, so they stay on top of the pile in the drawer.