Saturday, June 14, 2008

Corrie Spanking

Coronation Street, the British show that is the longest running soap in television history, has a loyal following in Canada. CBC is never allowed to pre-empt it without making alternate viewing arrangements; it's that popular.

In the past few weeks, I have noticed several spanko references and thought you might enjoy them. Our episodes are 10 months behind the ones in Britain, so bear with me if these are ancient history to some of you.

Sally, who never finished high school, wants to better herself, and enrols in an English Literature correspondence course. The books arrive, and as she excitedly reads the titles, husband Kevin asks, "Do they still use the cane?"

Eileen, who has just been on a second date with Jerry the night before, walks into his shop.
Jerry:"You're late. I should put you over my knee."
Eileen: "Promises."

Jack and Vera are having an early night to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. As they climb the stairs, Vera, who is behind Jack, swats him on the bum.

Two cabbies are sitting in a taxi watching a client's house. The client has been dating their female dispatcher and they suspect he is married. The man in question finally arrives, goes to the door and opens it. A young woman is standing in the doorway.
Cabbie 1 "Maybe it's his sister."
She turns and walks into house. The man slaps her bottom and follows her in.
Cabbie 2 "They must be a close family."

And then there are a number of nasty, irritating, or just plain spankable characters that need to be put over someone's knee, plus many references to other characters having nice bums.

Was it always so full of spanking references, or am I just noticing it more now? And if you are a Corrie fan, please leave a comment.


PK said...

What wonderful comments! Of course I haven't ever see the show but the writers sound very open minded to our live style.

One of my soaps 'As the World Turns' older brother Craig tell the bratty younger sister Katie(both adults of course) that he has decided to put her over his knee and give her a good spanking. Boy did my ears ever perk up!! He did make an effort but she fought and got away, yelling that he was crazy! It was a pretty good scene that could have been better.

We should call or write with our compliments when they do this to let them know we want to hear more. Because you know they are going to hear from those who do not approve.


Greenwoman said...

Its just ducky when we see mainstream society thinking kinky things are fun and perfectly normal. *grins*

Michael said...

Fun post, Hermione, I really enjoyed it! I'm not a soap watcher but if there were a spanko soap opera I would be front and center. Hey, any television producers out there? This could be the next big hit!


Anonymous said...

I've always noticed things like this in TV shows with a secret smile to myself, glad someone else does too lol


Anonymous said...

as usual it seems that neither my google ID nor my openID work. Too bad.

So, delightedslave says:

It reminds me of a wonderful moment. I was may be 9 or 10 and was reading a children's favorite (in France) Le Général Dourakine by La Comtesse de Ségur. Mid eighteenth century if i remember well. Long dresses and frilly long underwears. There was a picture of a very very nasty lady, falling through a hole in the floor, blocked at the waist, her legs dangling, mouth open screaming furiously. The caption was : Elle se sentit fouettée (and she felt that she was being flogged) - sorry for the translation, i'm much better the other way.
I was spanked as a child, but it the first time I actually was aroused without knowing it of course. Very acute memory of that beautiful instant.

Hermione said...

This is a British show after all, and spanking is pretty common there - "La vice Anglaise" LOL. The writers could very easily turn it into a spanko soap.

That would ensure that they would beat Eastenders (the other big British soap) in the awards.


Lil Sam said...

Hermione thank you for a wonderful post, I have missed so much of Corrie due to work. thanks for the up dates
Hugs Lil Sam

Hermione said...

Lil Sam - I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's great to meet another fan. The second Corrie spanking post was picked up by a vanilla Corrie blog - LOL!!