Sunday, June 8, 2008

MBS Spanko Brunch #125

Welcome! Yes, you've come to the right place! I'm so glad you could join me for brunch today. Bonnie told me you were coming so I've been expecting you. In honour of the occasion I whipped up some butter tarts, a Canadian treat similar to pecan pie or treacle tart.

Today's discussion should be fun.

What was your most memorable spanking? What made it memorable? Was it your first one? The hardest? The silliest? Was it with a very special person? Would you like to repeat the experience? If not, what would you do differently if you could?

Please leave your reply as a comment below and tell us all about giving or getting that unforgettable spanking. Once everyone has had a chance to contribute, I'll post an edited summary of your experiences.


Anonymous said...

Living so far apart, we see each other very rarely; I therefore build up quite a count of spankings! I was promised a major spanking for all the brattiness shown over the past months...
Suitably restrained, I was spanked hard in sets, 20-30 with each was deliciously painful, very very stingy at the time, but a few hours later, not even a red mark! I felt cheated, and bratted ....he told me off and I pretended to sulk, flouncing off to bed, ignoring his attempts to cajole me out.... all of a sudden, he was turning me face down, and no amount of squealing or begging or apologies were going to stop him (hehe).....
He used no implement, just his hand, and he spanked and spanked, lecturing me all the while; it was getting more and more painful; I was reduced to tears.... still he continued..... eventually, he stopped, and hugged me.... within an hour the initial sting had gone, but I had bruises....several bruises, including definite fingerprints...they lasted days and days, it was wonderful!!!

Red P. Bucket said...
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Anonymous said...

Most memorable for me has to be the first one. I remember exactly what shirt I was wearing, lying on my stomach on the bed, a blanket under me to elevate my bare backside, waiting while he searched for his belt, and then the spanking. It wasn't long enough or hard enough, but it was memorable.

OliviaManners said...

I don't know if I could pick out just one as I can honestly say that each one has been memorable in different ways, especially as we have explored different dynamics within our relationship - some have been fun, some erotic, some Disciplinary, some just because. To pick out a few... the very first time just because it was the first time, so something that we may have imagined but I never thought would really happen, that was pretty overwhelming when it did! The first time that I was dressed into my school uniform and experienced a very real formal Disciplinary spanking and the release of guilt and the emotional, loving power of that exchange, not just during, but after he had guided me through that.....then the time that I received 6 dozen with the cane, not for punishment, but just because I needed it - I remember feeling completely cleansed and strong and proud of what I had taken, and having experienced really letting go. I would also say that it is all of the things in between my spankings that are equally, if not more memorable...the little rituals and the embarrassments.
I think I would very happily repeat all of them :) and the Disciplinary ones need to be repeated as that is what makes them work for me!

PK said...

My most memorable was probably one of my shortest. We had only been spanking a short time and only for fun and erotic reasons. And while this was wonderful I was really into the idea of discipline (still am). We were working to clean out my mom's house one Saturday and we found ourselves alone. He led me to my old bedroom, pulled my pants down and bent me over the arm of the couch. I heard him remove his belt (my first time with the belt too) and he told me I seemed way too interested in what a real discipline spanking would feel like and he was worried that I would sabotage my diet just to find our what it would feel like so he decided to give me a preview. I think I only got about 6 licks but he put everything he had into them. I had some serious bruises and I could feel it for several days. I think his idea backfired because I LOVED it! Until the soreness finally faded I could not keep the grin off my face. Not only did I love the feeling I love the fact that it was his idea and it had a serious purpose behind it.

I have had many wonderful spankings but that one will always stick in my mind for all these reasons.


Dr. Ken said...

My most memorable is based on the implement and the spanking she got with it.
It happened about a year ago. I was delivering a hand spanking, but for some reason on that day it just wasn't doing the trick, and the lady expressed a desire for something more. So I sent her to a dresser drawer that had some implements in it--a little red leather strap, a leather paddle, and a hairbrush--and told her to pick one. To my surprise, she came back with the hairbrush! Women usually shy away from that.
She went back over my knee and I applied the brush long and hard to her bare bottom, and it was just what she wanted.
She got--and deserved--a lot of aftercare when that was over...

Dr. Ken

Apple said...

I have had a lot of very good and hard spankings, which really have turned me on and have left marks and stripes,...but I can´t pick one special out and write some details. I still know, that my husband( he was and is the only one who spanks me) always has done a very good work on my butt and afterwards we have had some ecxellent sex :))

But if there will be the same question gain later, I will remember the spanking I have received today, for sure. I don´t think I will forget it.
My top was very angry because yesterday night I told him many naughty words.Toady I have had to pay for it :(

Kisses Apple

P.S. If you like, take a look at my new blog:)

Terpsichore said...

Because this is still so new for us and because I have still yet to receive that first real spanking I so desire...every moment I have experienced including a spanking is memorable to me...from the little swat my husband gave years ago in the kitchen long before I ever shared with him my secret the little pat on my knee under the table out to dinner with a knowing glance of my desires starting to come true soon after I shared my secret back in the fall... :-)

librarian314 said...

There are so many answers to this one.

The that first pops into my mind is the most recent. It is particularly memorable as it was exactly the kind I like, erotic, with my undies down around my knees and my skirt flipped up, with the riding crop; most enjoyable.

Another is the first since we got "serious" about this, about a a year ago. We've been playing about with spanking for about 10-12 years, maybe longer (we're pushing 16 years of marriage with another two of dating before that; I don't think we spanked in college (other than the occasional swat) but that was a long time ago. ;-p) but last year I finally decided to get some implements, our first one being a riding crop.

He tied me to the table and gave me countless swats with the crip. Oh, my, was that wonderful! I was rubbing my tush for days, all the while grinning like a Cheshire cat!

So I don't forget any of them, I keep a private, hand written journal, to record what I liked about each one. Boy is that gonna scandalize the great-grand kiddies after we're gone! ;-p

Anonymous said...

My first real spanking with Mr. W was with a cane, and even though we weren't romantically partnered at the time or for a few years afterwards, it sealed us together for the rest of our lives.

I had never been caned before; it was his favorite implement. We agreed on 3 sets of 6, something that we still echo today, even in my most recent caning. I think the idea that since both the experience and the pain of the caning would be new, I would at least be able to count to six, but I kept getting lost between 4 & 5 and would lose count. To this day, we joke that I can't count to six! (Fortunately I now have proof on camera that I can count to six and higher.)

We were both incredible aroused afterwards, but managed to put that energy towards the future. We didn't want to be together until we could fully give ourselves to one another, without the past or baggage hanging on, so instead he gave me my first beautiful stripes, promise stripes of a sort. They said, someday, this backside will be mine. And now it is.

This was my most memorable scene not only because it was my first real scene with the man who would be my husband, but also because it was with the girl who would become this woman who writes here now, who knows that her life could not be complete without Mr. W's heart or spankings. From here on, I was on the way to truly becoming me.


Anonymous said...

The first for Susan from me, was before we got engaged. She was playing me up, and I said she needed a spanking to which she said coyly "You wouldn't dare". My response was to haul her over my knees and deliver a smart smacking to the seat of her thin dress.,"There, going to behave ?" ."Call that a spanking, David ?" This time, I grabbed the hem of her dress, and pullled it up around her waist to reveal her plump bottom, barely covered in brief panties."Hey that's not decent", she protested, but I said ,"May be not, but you're going to feel this one". Her cheeks were barely pink, and I enjoyed my hand smacking against them as they wobbled and bounced .A couple of minutes later I rested my palm on her glowing rear; this was great and I loved this girl; I blurted out, as she still lay over my lap."Will you marry me, Susan?", She looked round at me,"And get my arse tanned every,night, you must be joking". I hooked my finger into her panties, and hauled them down to her thighs, and started spanking again, amist cries of,"No not my knickers". This time I kept it up for longer, and her bottom was cherry red, by the time I paused again."Wil you marry me now"." No". Then I realy went to town on her lovely backside. and kept it up for much longer, until it was puce and quivering; she was squirming and and wriggling, as I said just. ":Well ?'. Susan look round again, tears in her eyes," Of course I will, didn't want to seem too eager though ".
I've now been spanking her gorgeous bottom for nearly twenty years, and each spanking gets better for both of us. ,David.

Paul said...

Hermione , predictably, it was the first time I spanked my wife, on the ferry, on the way to Paris, France for our honeymoon.
Mel was keen for me to remove her inconvenient hymen, to explain, I met and fell in love with Mel when she was fourteen, I was twenty-two, her parents recognised that our feelings were genuine but with the proviso that I not touch her sexually until we were married.
It wasn't easy but we managed, hence Mel's rush, I wanted Mel's first time to be memorable, so I told her to wait, she bratted badly.
We had already agreed that the marriage would be D D, so I told her to lay on the bunk, put all the pillows under her, flipped up her dress, pulled down her panties and spanked her hard.
I have no idea if anybody heard us, at the time I really didn't care, I held her as she slept until we arrived in Paris.
The drive to the hotel was a short one, we had a bite to eat and yes our first time was memorable.
Our wedding day was Mel's eighteenth birthday, so the next day she received her first proper birthday spanking including aftercare.
There have been many spankings since, but the first stays in my mind.
Warm hugs,

Lady Koregan said...

Well it seems I'm in good company. I don't dare pick favorites. The men who a graced my life, and my lap, have just been too special.

But here are a few random highlights:

There was the first spanking I gave at a play party, also the first time I used a cane.

There was spanking someone out behind the Greyhound station. (Just light smacks over jeans with him leaning against the wall.)

There was spanking someone in the back seat of his car for getting a ticket while he was driving with me.

But mostly what stands out for me are the firsts. I've given many first spankings over the years and being part of that special moment for them is always special for me as well.

There was one who accidentally broke one of my little plastic paddle ball paddles. (I was letting him play with them after his spanking) And I surprised him with a second, much harder spanking for it. On the way home I had the feeling I'd just knocked his whole world on its ear. Poor thing. It also left me with a strange feeling of being responsible for him from then on, permanently.

There was meeting someone at his place of work after hours for a long, very intense "first". After months of talking and planning, we did it on the spur of the moment.

There was watching someone grow from shy uncertainty to finally being in my living room, a wonderful spanking, and dinner after. Just by chance I happened to pick a restaurant with wooden chairs. I kept looking at him as he ate, wondering just how his bottom was doing. I asked him after, and he said it felt "wonderful".

Then of course, there is little bunny. If I listed everything memorable about him we'd be here long past doomsday. It's one of those relationships where everything is new and different, even things you've done a hundred times before.

But don't ask him, either. He still can't decide between the schoolroom paddling, surprising him in the bathtub, or the day I spanked him in (with one exception) every room of his house.

Happy spanking, everyone.

Ms. Betty

Anonymous said...

One of my most memorable spanking was of the non-sexual variety.

My best friend is forever threatening me with all sorts of grim things if he catches me smoking. One night, we were standing outside a Chinese takeaway and I thoughtlessly lit a Marlboro light. Three drags in and he was shouting at me "How dare you smoke, Elle, you know I hate you doing that!" I giggled helpless and he appealed to my then-boyfriend for advice on stopping me.

The then-boyfriend laughed and said he didn't care but when I displeased him he knew how to deal with it.

Next thing I know, I'm bent over a nearby fence. This is in a very public area, although it was around 4am. My best friend, his boyfriend and my then-boyfriend all took a few dozen swats at me.

It wasn't long, it wasn't hard, it certainly wasn't my first...but it was definitely the most embarrassing and most public spanking EVER!



Before I start I think it only right to explain that I pride myself on my discretion and there are many spankings that I would not tell every one about unless I had the permission of the other people involved. So I have been very naughty and re-interpreted the question as "what was the most memorable spanking that you have received that you feel comfortable sharing with the world?" mostly because the other two people involved told everyone they could about it, as often as they could get people to listen.

It was back in the early nineties and I was living in The Netherlands and answered a magazine advert from a German couple living in Germany. After traveling over for a day for a "get to know you" meeting I was invited back to play. The situation was this, they where a married couple, she was very into giving some stick to the boys but he had no inclinations in that direction. As I am happy to play without sex I suited the profile that they where seeking. When it came to playing myself and the lady concerned went to the spare room to play, while her husband made himself comfortable in the main bedroom. Bondage was in the mix for this particular lady, so I was restrained ankles and wrists face down on a bed and then the whupping took place. The lady concerned did the job very well and I was soon flying higher than the proverbial kite. Although I can play without any sexual connotations, this lady was playing for the "turn on" factor and having reached her desired level of excitement she was eager to leave the room and get together with her spouse. She was very considerate and checked that I was OK and happy before she left and did ask if there was anything that I needed, I said I was happy and I needed nothing. As the door to the spare room closed I realized that perhaps I should have asked to be released from the bindings that had me restrained to the bed, before she left. My brains where a bit addled but it was mostly due to embarrassment that I would not shout after her and so I spent nearly three hours shackled to the bed before the Lady remembered what position I had been left in while her and her husband did what comes naturally to man and wife.

Memorable? It is about 16 years ago now and I still think about that day and have a little giggle about it.


pmduo said...

I think most memorable would be the first time he used his belt. I'd wanted him to for a VERY long time but he has a lot of worries around inflicting pain and it was a pretty hard sell. It was harder than I'd imagined, in more than one way - - it was the first time he'd spanked me that I wasn't over his knee and I felt kind of disconnected from him which was a little scary. It was a short session but hurt somewhat more than I'd anticipated!

I've since had harder and longer but this was memorable because of his willingness to push his comfort zone for something I wanted and it was the start of exploring how far we were willing to go.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I have one particular spanking that was "most memorable". All of my spankings have been given by my husband, and all of them have been wonderful in their own way. I suppose that if I had to single one out as particularly significant, it would be the one that got us started on our path towards DD in addition to erotic and playful spankings.
I don't even recall what I was upset about, but I was clearly having a tantrum of some sort. He came over and without warning, tipped me over the arm of the couch and delivered a quick flurry of swats, then let me up. It wasn't much of a spanking but it had a huge effect on calming me down, which both of us welcomed.

CGF said...

As with many of the above, so many different reasons, so many different types of spanking, all of them feel important and etched on my heart (and for a time it felt as though they were etched on my bottom!). I think the risky (but probably quick)ones popped in to my head the minute I read the topic, like being given a smacked bottom on a train (we were in an empty carriage, but the guard was checking tickets, so at any moment I could have been seen bent over), or ones when a new implement was introduced. However once the topic settled, the ones that are differently memorable are the ones that connected me back to myself, away from deep sadness or fear, but remind me of my strength and innocence. I love that I always re-find my strength through submitting to a spanking, and these are the sorts of spankings I have been receiving most recently. I think many of the other contributers have mentioned the calming effect, and it calms and gives me incredible energy too. It occurs to me (quite often!) aren't we lucky to have this and to be able to access it through a simple, good old fashioned smacked bottom!

Michelle said...

There is another Michelle! NEways my most memorable was my first because I had no Idea what was going to happen, it was hard and painful and yet so amazing. I felt like I was in one of the stories I read so much about and i was in a bit of heaven for a moment as he hand thwacked me harder each time.