Monday, June 23, 2008

A Cute Little Deer

Many of you are probably familiar with the paddle found in souvenir shops, printed with the legend "For the cute little dear with the bare behind" and the cartoon deer looking over her shoulder at a little black bear.

That's what came to mind while wandering through my favourite implement kitchen store, Williams-Sonoma. I saw an interesting display of wooden tools, picked up the largest and read the label. It was a Littledeer Pan Paddle, carved from a single piece of maple. Handmade in Canada, it truly was a lovely implement. It looked just right for my bare behind. I also chose a smaller paddle to actually use for cooking.

The sales staff saw my interest and tried to entice me with the carved tongs and a tiny pate spreader, but those items didn't look like they would be too useful for discipline, so I declined.

And as I found out when I got home, the paddle was perfect! Very stingy, but after a little warmup hand spanking, Ron gave me just what I needed to relax after a day of shopping.

Unfortunately, W-S no longer offers this product on their website, but you can see the full range of paddles at Littledeer. To further entice you, they're all available in both left-handed and right-handed models.


Anonymous said...

Very cute story, Herimone. Thanks for sharing and I do remember things like this. I am glad that Ron gave you an example of that paddle and I am sure you enjoyed it as well as some cuddles afterwards. Good end to a day of shopping!

Greenwoman said...

Those are beautiful Hermione. I likey!! Glad you got a nice stingy spanking out of your new paddle too. *smiles*

Michael said...

Very nice, Hermione. You have the best of both worlds. You get to go shopping then you are spanked with your purchase. Also has benefits for Ron, so it's a real win-win situation.


Anonymous said...

I followed the link and thought "The Wedge" looked interesting until I got scared and quickly clicked the "back" button. The information describing the uses for "The Wedge" reads, "flat sides crush nuts". No thanks. :)

Hermione said...

Pest - Shopping then spanking - it doesn't get any better!

Greenwoman - Yes, the woodgrain pattern on mine is just gorgeous.

Michael - It's a good way to get Ron to see that shopping is a good thing.

Span King - LOL I didn't see that. Run, run and don't look back!