Friday, October 24, 2008

Am I Spankable?

One of our chores every autumn is to drain the ornamental pond, discard the very expensive plants (sigh!) and bring the goldfish in for the winter. We try to choose a reasonably warm and sunny day to do this, because we both invariably end up soaked.
Ron controls the vacuum that sucks most of the water out of the pond. My job is to control the slurping end of the hose and to hold a strainer over the end so that fish, snails, leaves and frogs aren't sucked up as well.
As I lay on my tummy on a thick foam pad to protect my chest from the rough stones, head and shoulders down, waiting for the pump to be turned on, I thought how delightfully spankable I must look, with my bottom the highest part of my body. Or perhaps I just looked ridiculous.
I waited. No swats were forthcoming, so I guess it was the latter. I must consider replacing those burnt orange cotton workpants with something slightly more seductive.


Greenwoman said...

*smiles* Now I'll just bet that laying there like that, no matter how they hang when you stand, when you lay down they sort cozy up the the parts just nicely. Besides. He know exactly what you look like under those clothes. *winks*

But sexier work clothes are a good excuse to go shopping!


Might be a bit 80's but yellow dungarees that are a size or two too small and therefore a little hip hugging, are very flattering to the female posterior whilst still being sort of work clothish.


Paul said...

Hermione, I'm sure that you are delightfully spankable in almost any position.
I sure that Ron noted your position and possibly caught your thought and you will receive what you desire.
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

ha... we're thinking he was focused on the fish. Or maybe he was going to spank, but wanted to give a bare bottom one... and it was of course too cold for that.

Todd and Suzy

Hermione said...

Greenwoman - Shopping? Did you say shopping? Great idea!

Prefectdt - I probably have something like that hidden in my closet.

Paul - Thank you for the compliment. Yes, he did get around to it finally.

Todd and Suzy - Yes, he was a little preoccupied. And a bare bottom (mine, not the pond's) would have been a bit too much, even though the day was reasonably warm.


Anonymous said...

Fun post. How could Ron resist?

ThomasIII said...

If a bottom is in the air, then it's highly spankable, simply for being there.

By the way, consider yourself tagged for a blog meme. If I had to do it, then everyone should. Check out my blog to see what I mean.

Hermione said...

Maryann - Beats me!

Thomas - Thanks!

Mina said...

Hermione, next time a skirt that 'accidentally' flies up when you lie down. See if Ron resists then.

Happy to read you did get your heart's desire after all.