Monday, October 6, 2008

Do Not Disturb

What would you do if you saw this hanging on the door of the hotel room next to yours?
Try it yourself here and take it with you next time you travel.


Apple said...

That would be very exciting for me....I think I would listen to the door if I could hear something, some crying or shouting or maybe the sound of the hand that is spanking...something like that.

Kisses Apple

Maybe I would knock at the door and ask if I could get a spanking,

Paul said...

Hermione, hooray the world's gone sane at last!!!
Warm hugs,

PaulH666 said...

How about the next time your in a hotel, putting it on door, other than your own, and seeing how long it is before it goes missing.

I love a good laugh. ...

Anonymous said...

lol, Paul - that's a great idea/that would be fun

It's a cute sign/ wonder what would happen if it got hung on door?


Anonymous said...

Hermione, like apple said I would listen at the door or even the room wall to see if I could hear anything then if I was brave enough asked if I could join them! LOL! Where can I purchase one? LOL!