Thursday, October 30, 2008

On Wood

I have made no secret of my enthusiasm for leather implements. I love the sensuous feel that leather has, even when it's traveling at high speed on impact. And it's also because leather resonates with me.
Now wood is starting to appeal to me too. I'm on very good terms with a maple paddle, and have requested the dogleg brush on a few occasions when leather, however nice, just isn't enough to get me where I want to be.
Thinking about wood brings to mind a pleasant childhood memory.
I must have been about five years old, and my grandfather had just come home from work. My grandmother was standing at the wood stove in the kitchen, trying to get a good fire going so she could cook our supper. I was sitting on the floor beside the stove, watching her feed the flames with piece after piece of smooth, fragrant wood.
The warmth of the kitchen, the dim light of the darkening room, the smell of wood sap, and the shadows the irregular slabs of wood cast on the floor made my imagination spring to life. Those round, rectangular and diamond-shaped blocks of wood seemed the most desirable of playthings. I reached for two, then another and another, and stacked and rearranged them in front of me. They became houses and barns and trees; scraps of shavings and bark became animals. I created a story about them, long-forgotten now, but fascinating then.
There's just something about wood.


Paul said...

Hermione, I love wood, the feel, the smell, it is indeed sensuous, but not on the derrière of my loved one.
Mel did not love solid wooden implements, she would really struggle with a haurbrushing, it always was a most effective deterrent.
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

The only wood J uses is s pingpong paddle. I hate that thing. I am curious to feel a wooden paddle. I may regret it but I definitely want to try it. I love the crackling of wood. Nothing more romantic than being duccled up to a roaring fireplace. Nice post
I Gal

Anonymous said...

I love wooden paddles for spanking. I don't yet have a suitable hairbrush or bath brush. Guess I'm moving the opposite direction from you. I started liking wood and am moving toward appreciating leather.

Adults should remember to pretend sometimes. I think I'll go color or something.
Nice post,

Hermione said...

Paul - I admit it is an acquired taste. Much like asparagus, only ouchier!

I Gal - And we haven't tried a ping pong paddle yet. Maybe you and I should swap implements.

Maryann - Be sure to stay inside the lines!


Greenwoman said...

What a lovely memory Hermione. It brought back similar lovely memories in me as a child at my grandmother's house. Thank you for reminding me.

I adore wooden paddles. My husband has made me a beautiful set. I adore them all. They feel amazing.

We have a routine for spanking. We start with the hand, go to the leather paddles and end with some wooden ones when I'm well warmed up.

I just love that progression.

Nice post. *smiles*

Michael said...

Wonderful memory, Hermione, I could smell the wood in the stove burning. Thanks for sharing. I have a new ash wood hairbrush that my Amanda is still getting used to.


Anonymous said...

Wood gets a bad knock... no doubt about it. Glad to see you doing your part to fix that.

Todd & Suzy

Hermione said...

Greenwoman - Hand, leather and wood - what a perfect sequence.

Michael - I have a post about ash coming up. You read my mind!

A.S.S. - I do my best!


Anonymous said...

Because of your liking for wood, you might want to have a look at my story about ... a piece of wood

Hermione said...

ronny - Welcome! And what an unusual use for a piece of wood. Thanks for the link.


Anonymous said...

I love wood, well wooden furniture anyway. As for implements they are good to use but not nice to take. You can figure that one out...wink.

Wooden paddles look scary, doesn't mean I wouldn't try one though.


Anonymous said...

I loved your stroy on wood
Not at all what I was expecting
shows there are lots of different used for wood
And yes I think both wood and leather have their own appeal
when applied to properly