Wednesday, October 8, 2008

If You Could Read My Mind

Ron and I are both big fans of folk music, and one of our favourite artists is the legendary Canadian folk singer, Gordon Lightfoot. Ron is especially fond of one song in particular: If You Could Read My Mind. I'd like to paraphrase the opening lines of that song:
If you could read my blog, love,
What a tale my posts would tell.

If Ron were ever to read my blog, I'd want him to enjoy the way I've put a spanko slant on some everyday things. There's the one about a TV show we watch, the pickup of discarded implements, discipline in the House of Commons, and the naughty fast-food restaurant.
Then there are the posts that I wrote to reveal how I feel about our spanking fellowship on the web, and the dual identities that result from having to conceal our activities from the rest of the world. I hope these posts will give him some idea of how much I enjoy the blogging world.
Then I'd share the more personal posts concerning the pitfalls of my new-found enthusiasm and the respect I give my husband.
And if he hasn't closed his browser yet, I'd like him to know how it all started.
I haven't written anything here that I would be ashamed to have Ron read. A little embarrassed maybe, but never ashamed. I dare to believe that everything here was written as a tribute to him, and to our relationship.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you take the leap and go ahead and email him the link Hermione?

Anonymous said...

I could not agree more, are blogs are a tribute to our wonderful men. I like that song too. I bet more people are closet spankos than we think. What a better place it would be if women showed their men more respect.
I Gal

Paul said...

Hermione, It's never seemed any other way to me.
There seem so little respect between people let alone partners.
Warm hugs,

Hermione said...

Sara - I wish I were brave enough. Maybe someday.....

Italian Gal - I agree, women should show their husbands respect, and vice versa.

Paul - It's true, we often give the least respect to those who deserve it the most - the ones closest to our hearts.


Michael said...

A fitting tribute to a great and lucky guy from his wonderful woman, Hermione. It was nice to read those earlier posts again, especially your very first. I hope one day you do have the strength to email Ron the link. He will adore you all the more for your love and courage, Hermione.


dwcmike said...

Hermione: Time to take the leap, and let Ron know, some time soon. I started my blog the exact same way, and it takes courage to show this part of yourself, and understanding in his part that you and he are still anonymous to everyone. Lynn accepted my blog, but only looks at it occasionally.
good luck.

Unknown said...

"Tale", Hermione, or could that possibly be spelled "Tail"?

jo lee

Bonnie said...


You know best. Follow your heart.

In any case, that's a lovely introduction.


Hermione said...

Michael - Thank you for the kind words. I hope so too.

Mike - Anonymity is a very big part of it.

Jo - I didn't think of that!

Bonnie - I will. Thank you.