Thursday, October 16, 2008


Each afternoon I drive past a billboard that looks very similar to the one above. After doing the usual double-take to make sure that's an N and not a K, my fingers itch for a can of spray paint to remedy the situation.
I've finally got my wish!


Paul said...

Hermione, I think spanker rooms should be just as available as rest rooms they are just as important.
Just imagine that you are on a long trip with your wife/sub/bottom, she's getting bored and bratty, you pull up at the next spanker's rest, taking her hand you walk to the door, alas it's occupied.
As you wait you hear the sound of hand meeting bare cheek, you hear ouch, "please not so hard darling I'll be good.
Your wife is looking very apprehensive, she is realising she has pushed you just too far.
Warm hugs,

Greenwoman said...

Geez...I popped over the share my giggle over your sign and then I get to comments. Damn that Paul can make my head spin with the subby moments. Sheesh! I might need a shower now. *grins*

Hermione said...

Paul - that's such a good story! I think I just might post it so more people can enjoy it.

Greenwoman - I agree. Wasn't that good? Our Paul must be on a sugar high from too much birthday cake.