Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Day

Today is the day that we Canadians remember all the things we have to be thankful for.
I am thankful for this blogging community, for the many friends I have made and for their continued support, guidance and humour.
I am thankful for the many readers who faithfully return each day to see what's new, for those who drop in now and again, and for the many comments I receive.
I am thankful for spankings, and very thankful I have someone who loves giving them to me as much as I enjoy receiving them.


Indy said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Hermione. And thank you for keeping us entertained and making us think!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Hermione! I share your thankfulness for spankings and for my loving spanker.
I Gal

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Hermione. May your day be filled with love and family.

Paul said...

Hermione, happy thanksgiving, I to am thankful for your writing, I have many Canadian friends, I count you as one.
Warm hugs,

Unknown said...

Happy spanksgiving! Having now inhaled my fair share of turkey, trimmings and especially pumpkin pie, pumpkin squares, etc., I am both thankful (and not) that a goodly portion of all the goodies will no doubt end up as extra padding.


Didn't even know that Canada had a thanksgiving day. Hope you all enjoyed it in that chilly land across the pond anyway.


Michael said...

Hermione, Happy Thanksgiving to you and Ron. Hope you're having a wonderful holiday.


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Hermione!

dwcmike said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you also, albiet belatedly. Glad to kknow your spanking situation has progressed that Ron enjoys giving spankings as much as you enjoy receiving them.

Greenwoman said...

I enjoy your writing immensely. You always make me smile and think in a sweet way. Thank you for having the courage to write!

Hermione said...

Thank you, everyone!


ThomasIII said...

Happy Spanksgiving! It's still a month before Thanksgiving in the US, which is a joyous time for me. My first spanking party was the weekend before Thanksgiving, and it led to another spanking party on Thanksgiving night!