Saturday, October 18, 2008

MBS Spanko Brunch #144

Welcome to the MBS Sunday brunch, coming to you today from our remote location in the north. Ron's got the fire going and it's nice and warm inside.

I'm very honoured to be hosting today's brunch for Bonnie, because it marks another milestone. There have now officially been a gross of brunches - twelve dozen great discussions, and an equal number of delicious meals. To commemorate the occasion, I want to share with you an article that I hope will generate a good discussion.

According to the New Scientist, chimps never forget a bum. They have no trouble matching pictures of the faces of chimps they know with pictures of their bottoms.

For those of you who administer spankings, picture your partner's bottom, or look carefully at it. For readers who are on the receiving end, think of your own, or use a mirror if you need to. Our topic for discussion is:

How would you describe that bottom? What is unique about it? What makes it unforgettable and so very spankable? What do you like best about it? What is it that attracts those swats? Does it have any distinguishing features or beauty marks? What about how its surface feels, or the sound a spank produces on it?

Don't be shy! No pictures please, but do leave your comments, and after everyone has had a chance to share, I'll put together an edited summary of the discussion.



Er Hum Ah! that's a difficult question. Well unlike the rest of me it does not seem to be giving up to gravity, as the years march on. Everything else seems to be falling out or down but the old backside seems to be holding its own, I suppose the spankings must be helping to keep it in shape. Sort of makes me wish I was into face slapping :-)


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! Love the post, prefectdt!
I know exactly what you mean! backside... its big. What else is there to say about it? I have a fat ass. But, he loves it, because he loves ME. He especially loves paying it attention, good or bad! And I think he prefers the colour PINK as in VERY pink.... lol.
I asked him what makes my ass so spankable, he said my mouth.
Apparently my mouth gets my ass in trouble because I am altogether too cheeky/mischievous/bratty/sarcastic/sassy/rude/argumentative, pick whichever and you will be right....and I have too much attitude (he says...)....and I seem to think I am in charge..(and?)... I think that about covers it.
I am either a perfect angel, or the devil happy medium, lol. Usually, the angelic bit is from when the spanking is promised, until about 20 minutes after it; I hesitate to say why I am naughty so soon after, in case he reads this! hehehe!
Hugs to you, Hermione, and thank you for your hospitality! xxxx

Paul said...

Hermione, it's been almost fourteen years since I've seen my beloveds bum, but that's not a problem as I see her in my dreams.
Her bottom was shaped like a teardrop, often a pink or red teardrop.
Mel's moves often attracted my eyes and hand to that favourite part of her anatomy.
Warm hugs,

Spanky said...

Boy, those are difficult questions! Kallisto is the only woman I have ever spanked, so I have a limited sample size of butt comparisons to draw on.

I don't think my Kallisto's butt is particularly unique in any way, but it is just the right shape for my hand, which makes it very spankable. The feature that most attracts me to spanking it is that she really likes it to be spanked. Also, it is readily available which is fun and convenient. It's nice and silky smooth, too! While there are no beauty marks, she gets spanked daily so there is usually some kind of little mark on it somewhere.

Reading your post made me realize I could have a worse job; I could be taking pictures of monkey's butts. Another fine example of our tax dollars at work, probably.

morningstar said...

well i will be short and sweet - yeah i can do that !!!!

Many years ago there was an ooops small accident with a whip.. and i have a small scar on my ass from that accident.., i personally value that scar - my very own 'badge of honour'??

morningstar (owned by Warren)

Anonymous said...

I always thought my bubble butt was too big, but my lover gushes about its' beauty so much, I'm now reconciled to it.
He says he loves my bum's creamy complexion, and how it turns from pale to crimson.
He reports that he loves its' resiliency, and how I'm eager for another spanking almost right away.
He loves that my butt is an erogenous zone, that spanking turns me on, that make-up sex always follows my spankings, that I'm anal-erotic and butt sex is on the menu frequently.
Finally, he says that his hand was made for my ass. (Then why does he discipline me with implements so often?) He says that we were made for one another.
When I told my lover about this week's question, he insisted I answer it by him sitting on the computer chair and me lying over his lap, and from that ignomineous and awkward but incredible position he has played with and upon my bared butt with love pats and caresses. But now he promises that I'm in for a good, hard paddling, so I'll sign off.
Jean Marie

Anonymous said...

The roundness. The overhang that smoothes out when she's over my lap. The firmness. She's tiny, I can almost cover each one of her cheecks with my hand. It's unforgetable! I remember, years ago, we were visiting the Met Museum and I was shocked when I realized one of the marble Greek figures had the same bottom as hers. And she was standing right next to it looking up! I'll never forget the sight.

Anonymous said...

Oh what a fun question. I was glad when J-lo made the butt factor popular again, because my butt would never fit into jordash jeans -- not even in Jr. High. Sassoon yes -- but other tight jeans of the 80's NO WAY and I was a teenager then! My bottom is definately rounded and plump. Appearently it is not too big (according to an old flame) because I have two distinct butt cheeks. I had no idea -- but as long as there are too cheeks -- the roundness or girth of the bottom is attractive (according to one guy anyway). My more current flame is out of the country - if he wasn't I would ask him to answer.

Anonymous said...

First of all... congrats to Bonnie on the 12x12. :)

Let's see, Suzy's bottom has a very nice curve to it. It juts out in a perfectly spankable way. The canvass is almost completely flawless, which means each spanking mark shows up. That does attract swats too. As for the feel... it's cool pre-spanking... and gets toasty during... and down right warm afterwards.

So, a very lovely bottom. Same for Bonnie... a lovely and smart bottom indeed.

thanks for hosting!

Anonymous said...

Hi, What makes My Daisy's Ass so very spankable? Probably the look of love and adoration that shines through her eyes have after a session. Although I have explained that I am happy to provide her beautiful bottom with all the attention I can without, she seems to prefer to EARN her spanks. I love her completely but being 7,000 miles away, spanks need to have a lasting effect.
Thank you Hermione.

Jai said...

First of all, that food picture you posted looks SO DELICIOUS!! I just got back from a 10 mile hike and am so hungry right now!

Ok. So what makes my butt unique?
Well, I would have to say that my buns are nicely toned from all the running I do. I have wide hipes, therefore a broad backside, but not a saggy one = ] Surface area that has a nice jiggle to it, lol