Friday, October 17, 2008

The Belt Rondo

As a musician, my favourite form of classical music is the rondo. In a way a rondo is like a song with several verses plus a chorus that everyone can sing along with because it's always the same. A rondo doesn't have words, but it does have a repeated melody that is heard at the beginning, again at the end, and once or twice in the middle. The bits in between are very different from one other. Each passage might be fast, slow, loud, soft, or use a different rhythm.
A familiar example of a rondo is Beethoven's Fur Elise, which some of you probably have as a ring tone on your cell phones.
What does all this have to do with spanking? Good question. The idea came to me after Ron had given me quite a creative one.
He started by rubbing my bottom. I love it when Ron does that, because it feels good and because I know it's the preparation for a spanking. This time was no exception.
He picked up the belt and got down to business. Whack! The first stroke landed on my left cheek. Then another. And again and again, all on the same spot. Then four on the right. He alternated this way from one side to the other and I squirmed as the sting from the strokes mounted up on one side until it was almost too much. Then as he switched to the other side the pain increased again while the first side recovered. It was quite a roller-coaster ride.
Then he switched to rubbing and gave me a short recovery time.
The second round of swats was completely different from the first, and unusual as well. Instead of landing across my bottom, the belt struck vertically from top to bottom. That was new and hurt more than usual because the top of my posterior rarely gets that much attention. It definitely took my breath away.
More familiar gentle rubbing and massaging helped me regain my composure as best I could.
Then the familiar strokes across each cheek in turn: left, right, left, right. Ron increased the tempo of his attack and the swats came fast and furious.
Then he massaged and caressed my hot cheeks for the final time.
As for what followed, I'll describe that by introducing one more musical term - a cadenza. No it's not a piece of furniture. It's a very exciting passage that sometimes occurs at the end of a musical composition. It is energetic, emotional, unpredictable, and builds in intensity to a thrilling climax at the end.


Anonymous said...

Great comparison. Bravo! Bravo! You and Ron should acknowledge the standing ovation us spanko music lovers are giving you. Fun post
I Gal

K said...

I just loved reading this. I'm a musician, too, and the comparison is just lovely. That reminds me, I really want to find some good instrumentals to play for a spanking. The first thing that comes to mind is a Sousa march and I'm just not ready for that.

Paul said...

Hermione, great post, I wonder how many of us have spanked to music.
I have to admit that all except punishment spanking ended with cadenzas.
Warm hugs,

Greenwoman said...

*grins* That is indeed a great post. You are a very good teacher yanno. *winks*

Not all of my spankings have ended in cadenzas...some of my favorite have not. They were just loving interludes when I needed some spanking attention.

But I sure do love those cadenzas!

Hermione said...

I Gal - Thank you (bowing to the audience)

K - That sounds like something I'd like to try.

Paul - Cadenza will always have a double meaning for me now.

Greenwoman - I do love to teach whenever I have an opportunity.

I agree, you don't really need a cadenza sometimes. But they're great when they happen!


Adrian Hardhand said...

Cadenza? An *excellent* idea! I suggest the big one from the first movt of Beethoven's Fourth. It goes on long enough, and fast enough, to allow a really intense thrashing!

Yrs in pervery, Adrian

Terpsichore said...

love the musical!

Spanky said...

Great post and observation! I wonder if Beethoven was a spanko?

Anonymous said...

I am new to your blog. I really liked this musical story. I plan to read more very soon.

Hermione said...

Adrian - Ooh! That would be exciting.

Terps - Thank you!

Spanky - That's a good topic for a Master's thesis.

Anonymous- Thank you. I hope you come back soon.


Anonymous said...

yes it's wonderful how music can make a bottom dance. You do have to watch for the da capo sign though...

sixofthebest said...

The most beautiful music to my ears is the swish of a cane on a naughty womens's bare bottom, and her 'ouch's. What a most pleasant combo this duo make's.

Learning_curves said...

Beautiful Hermione! I didn't know you were a musician! Me too!!!! Such a lovely way of looking at a spanking; such wonderful imagery. Thank you for sharing!

Hermione said...

Learning Curves- How very nice of you to wander through my archives! I like to try to relate spanking to other things that I know well. I'm glad you enjoyed the analogy.

Once, when I was describing the piece to some children at Christmastime, I told them the repeated part was a lullaby Mary sang to Jesus, the first "different" bit was about the shepherds, and for the second bit they were to imagine the three kings.