Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Daisy's Meme

Our friend Daisy posted an excellent meme the other day, and I haven't done a meme for a long time, so here goes:

Your favorite fictional character - Mr. Bean

Your favorite villain - Boris Badenov, the arch-nemesis of Rocky and Bullwinkle

Your all-time comfort food - bread with melted cheese

Your favorite fictional family - the Barrones, from Everybody Loves Raymond

Your favorite non-masked heroic character - James Bond

Your favorite movie - A Christmas movie called Prancer. We watch it every year. (Actually, it's Ron's favourite.)

Your favorite writer - it's a tie: Sophie Kinsella and Maeve Binchey

Your favorite artist - Paul Klee

The first record album you ever bought - The Beatles "Twist and Shout"

The first writer you were hooked on
- Ray Bradbury

A person you wish you could bring back - Stan Rogers, a brilliant Canadian folksinger who died at age 33 in a plane crash.

Your favorite flower - lilac

The hobby that takes up most of your free time - blogging.

A game you enjoy playing - Mahjong solitaire

Your favorite singer - Carole King and James Keelahan

Your favourite TV show - Mad Men

Your all time favorite TV double act - Carol Burnett and Harvey Korman

Your favorite game - Guess the Implement

Your deepest regret - I don't have any regrets as such. The choices I made were right for me at the time.

Something that makes you sad - the relatively short amount of time that we have our beloved pets with us.

Something that makes you ANGRY - animal abuse and irresponsible owners.

Something you worry about - devastating ecological disasters

Your age when you received your first ever adult spanking - about 23

Your favorite weapon - words

Your first ever pet - a cat

Your favorite form of transportation - horse-drawn carriage

Your "happy thought" from childhood - playing imaginary games

Your favorite implement, and favourite place for a spanking - leather paddle, on my bottom.

Your most dreaded implement, and worst position for a spanking - dressage whip, and being in a position where spanking is impossible.

The most memorable death in your lifetime - JFK, with RFK a close second, because it was such a shock.

What stone(s) would you like in a ring - Opals

Your childhood ambition - to have a horse of my own

At what age did you achieve it (if at all) - 23

Your ambition now - to retire

Your dream holiday (money no object) - a visit to Britain

If you won £50,000,000, lottery, what would you do with it - First, change it into Canadian funds. Then I would give a large portion to the American rescue association for our favourite dog breed.

What would you like to do this very second - finish this meme so I can post it.

The next holiday you have planned - A week in the kitchen, to convert tomatoes and cucumbers into all sorts of yummy things.

The blogs you like to check out first - I check whichever blogs have been updated recently, either from my blogroll or from the blogger dashboard.

An ex-blogger whom you really miss - Spanked Hubby.

Something you would love to do - meet other spankos, to chat and get to know each other better.

Please feel free to do this meme on your blog or pass it on to other bloggers.

From Hermione's Heart


ronnie said...

Glad you managed to finish it Hermione. How did I forget Mr. Bean.

What yummy things are you going to do with cucumbers? Not my favourite fruit.

Maybe if you won the lottery you could use some to visit the UK :)

Enjoy reading your meme Hermione, thanks.



Nice one, be careful with those "Words", they can be sharp sometimes :)


Daisychain said...

Great meme, Hermione! xxxxx

Daisychain said...

If you book a visit to the UK, you better let me know when you're coming....we HAVE to have coffee!!!!

Janet said...


I love meme's it give us a better look into the lives of fellow bloggers. I loved learning more about you. Some of the answers were hilarious.
Thanks for taking the time to let us in on other parts of your life,

Hermione said...

Ronnie - Dill pickles and spaghetti sauce are the main items on the menu.

Prefectdt - They sure can. That's why I never run and talk at the same time.

Daisy - I will be sure to have coffee with both you and Ronnie (not necessarily at the same coffee bar)

Janet - I like them too.


sixofthebest said...

I agree with you on abusing animals, I would not hesitate to give 'six of the best', strokes of the cane to any women, that mistreats an animal such as a dog, cat, or horse, for they are truly man's best friends.

x said...

Great meme! I decided to give it a try on my blog. :)

Hermione said...

Padme - Great! I enjoyed reading it.