Thursday, July 1, 2010

Red and white ... and red

To celebrate Canada Day today, Ron brought out our red and white implements and gave me a very thorough and patriotic bottom-warming. First, the red leather slapper was applied slowly and methodically.

"Did you know the side with the holes makes a different sound from the side without?" Ron asked me.

"Mmmph. No," I muttered from beneath the bedspread where my upper half had taken refuge. "Show me."

He did, and he was right. You learn something new every day!

Then Ron switched to the white composite spatula/paddle. Brisk, sharp strokes as the paddle danced over my cheeks; back and forth, up and down.

Back to the red leather, slow and solemn.

then the white, rapid-fire staccato.

Red thunderous swats, and white lightning in a grand finale.

And he concluded his version of our national anthem, I was displaying a very red rear - highly appropriate for our country's birthday. I'll be standing at attention for a while.

Happy Canada Day!

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Happy Canada Day, Harmonica! Sounds like a warm one already.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful celebration. Congratulations !!

ronnie said...

Happy Canada Day my friend, a great way to celebrate. Red's my favourite colour :)

Enjoy your day.


A. Lurker said...

Wow! A celebratory spanking and it's not even Saturday! :-) Happy Canada Day from a fellow Canadian.

Hermione said...

Devlin - Thank you. Very warm indeed.

Burl - Just the kind of celebration I like.

Ronnie - Thank you. Mine too.

R. - It doesn't get any better than that. Happy Canada Day to you too.


Scunge said...

Happy Canada Day Hermione! My first verification word was crylut which I thought quite spanky,then there was some kind of glitch and I now have vitpvi. Sounds as if you and Ron celebrated in STYLE!


I would say Happy Canada day but it sounds like you two have already made it Happy.


Petal said...

Happy Canada Day! the color of passion! So Congrats. As I get ready to celebrate 4th of July here, perhaps my rump will red and white as well.

Unknown said...

Happy Canada day to Rona and yourself.
Sounds like you had a wonderful time!
Displaying your country's colors is very patriotic.

Jean said...

Happy Canada Day, What a great way to celebrate!

Hermione said...

Scunge - Word verifications are pretty astute sometimes.

Prefectdt - Very!

Petal - Thank you. I agree, it's a passionate colour. Fingers crossed that you will be rosy too, before the Fourth is over.

Red - I do my best.

Jean - The best!


turiya said...

Wow! A patriotic spanking. I have to say that that is one I've never seen before. Very creative of him! :-D