Sunday, July 25, 2010

You Completed the Caption

Here's how some readers of Hermione's Heart interpreted this picture:

Michael - She liked him bent over the arm of the leather chair best of all.

Karl Friedrich Gauss - She liked leather the best of all.

sixofthebest - She says, "When my everloving husband comes home from a hard days work at the office, he relaxes in this soft leather chair, then commands me to go over his knees, whereupon he raises my dress waist high, pulls down my knickers to bare my bottom, and spanks me painfully but lovingly.

Our Bottoms Burn - She likes the feel of leather best of all.

Bonnie - She liked a pink bottom best of all.

A. Lurker - She liked when her bottom matched the color of the flowers on the carpet best of all. (Why else would one choose that carpet?)

Ronnie - She's telling her husband that she likes to be made to bend over the back of his leather chair for her spanking best of all.

Season -
She liked her invisible spanker best of all.

Hermione - She liked being spanked in this chair best of all.

Daisychain - She liked sitting in this soft chair after her spanking best of all!!!

From Hermione's Heart


Unknown said...

a late entry:
She liked being spanked, and then making love best of all.

Anonymous said...

she liked being able to sit without wincing after a spanking, there was only one chair where this was possible, and she liked it best of all.