Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Seat of your Pants

Scientists using seat-of-the-pants research - literally - say how something feels to you can affect how you act.

In one experiment, for example, 86 people took part in negotiations over a new car with a very high sticker price.

Some were seated on hard wooden chairs. Others had comfy padded seats.

After their first offers were rejected, the participants made a second proposal for the car.

People on stiff wooden chairs raised their offered price by only a little.

But the relaxed folks in soft chairs were willing to spend quite a bit extra.

The hardness, the researchers concluded, produced strictness and rigidity in the negotiation.

The chair experiment was one of a series of tests he and colleagues did showing that the sense of touch can have a significant impact on people's reactions, even though they may not realize it.

I can vouch for that. A spanking often has a significant impact on my reactions!

From Hermione's Heart


Rayne said...

Wow very interesting, Hermione! Hmmm so if one is hoping for a less-than-strict spanking *fingers crossed*, then perhaps making sure that the would-be spanker has a nice comfy cushion to sit on would help the cause! :D

Sara said...

Huh, do they even mention in their conclusions the possibility that the bottom might be connected to the brain? I think for some of us there might be direct communication between these two specific regions. ;)

ThomasIII said...

I'll be buying wooden chairs for my place, or maybe some stone ones if I can find someplace that sells them. Even if it doesn't make me any stricter (not sure that's possible), it will make sitting unpleasant for her when I make her sit on it afterwards.

Katia said...

That is interesting. I would much prefer the softness after a spanking. *smiles*


I once woke up one morning to find myself the proud owner of a hideous and overpriced glass paperweight, that I had purchased in a state of hot butted post spanking high, the day before because the colours where so pretty. Butt sensation definitely effects a bodies resistance to impulse buying.


turiya said...

I know you don't get into the punishment side of things, but I think the same can be said about the difference between a "fun" spanking and a "punishment" spanking. I suppose a lot of people think that when someone enjoys spankings then a punishment would fall into the fun department and that essentially the sub is just getting what she wants. Well I say... it all depends on his touch! ;-D



ronnie said...

Very interesting experiment Hermione. I would agre with Sara about the possibility that your bottom is connected to your brain. I can say that spanking definitely does have an impact on my reactions.

Thanks for sharing Hermione.


Hermione said...

Rayne - Welcome. I'm sure a soft pillow might have a positive effect.

Sara - Mine are definitely connected.

Thomas - Stone? Maybe a cement garden bench might fit the bill.

Katia - So would I.

Prefectdt - Maybe I should use that excuse for my impulse purchases too.

turiya - You are right. That's why I'm never punished; it's too enjoyable.

Ronnie - It's amazing what scientists choose to study!