Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pyramid of Spanking

We often play Guess the Implement here on my blog, and recently Ron and I played it too, but our version was quite different.

It all started when I wondered whether I could tell the difference between two similar leather paddles. Ron suggested we try guessing the implements, and I reminded him of his suggestion a couple of weeks later, right before a date for spanking. He took it from there.

Ron laid five different implements on the bed and let me memorize which ones they were: leather paddle, riding crop, red slapper, wooden shoehorn and bamboo spatula. Then I bent over the end of the bed with my head turned away so I couldn't see which implement Ron chose, and the game began. The only problem was, I wasn't sure what the rules were, except that I was going to be spanked with five different weapons.

"The red slapper," I called out after the third swat from the first selection."

"You guessed too soon," Ron admonished me. "Once you guess, it's over for that implement." He did give me several more quick swats to forgive me my beginner's error, then announced, " You have reached level one of the pyramid of spanking."

I recognized the second implement right away, but kept my opinion to myself while it made an impression on my bottom.

"How long do I wait?" I asked, between gasps and squeaks.

"As long as you like," the referee said.



As Ron began the third level of the pyramid, I asked, "Shouldn't there be a set length of time--ow!-- for you to let me sample the--ow! How about a minute? Ow, ow! Like that show we watched with the couple--ow!--riding crop."


The bamboo spatula was next, and I guessed that as well. Even though I figured Ron was making up the game as we went along, I had never had such a variety at one time and let me tell you, it keeps the pain fresh and interesting.

Then it was time for the last level. I knew what was left, and didn't want the spanking to end, so I stayed silent until Ron asked, "Don't you understand the rules?"

"What rules?" I giggled.

"You have to guess."


"What hairbrush? There's no hairbrush here."

Another pause for paddling. "Bathbrush."

"No bathbrush either."

Whack. Whack. "Ping pong paddle."

"We don't have a ping pong paddle."

"We should get one."

WHACK. "Okay, leather paddle."

"Good." Ron put down the paddle and helped me up. I rubbed my sore bottom and asked him sweetly, "What's my prize?"

"You've had it."

From Hermione's Heart


Janet said...

The perfect spanko game!! I will have to try this one. Isn't it funny how we can easily distinguish one implement from another without even looking.
Great Post,


Isn't it lovely when an unexpected implement that you have never tried before is thrown into the mix and you get that "OMG what's that" sensation. Ron, I hope you read this comment.


Unknown said...

great fun.. thanks for sharing

turiya said...

What a great game. Asha was reading over my shoulder, so you may have given him an idea. He loved the end, though, where you asked about your prize. He got a good chuckle over that. Well... so did I. :-D



Em said...

What a lovely game Hermione! I hope you and Ron have plenty of chances to play this again. I especially like how many variations can be concocted!

P.S. We must all be in a playful mood this week! I just posted a blog entry last night about spanking games :)

Celine said...

Aww this made me grin and giggle. You two are adorable and sooo funny and creative. I may have to try this game you've invented..:D

Jean said...

Sounds like a great game! thanks for sharing

Jean said...

Sounds like a great game! thanks for sharing

Daisychain said...

What a fantastic idea for a game.... how torn I would be between guessing quick to get it over with, but not wanting it to end.... LOL xxxxxx

ronnie said...

Oh what a fun game Hermione. Thanks for sharing, have got to suggest this game to P

I would make sure I had a hard time guessing a couple of the implements to prolong the game except if P used the dreaded wooden bat.

Good post.


Hermione said...

Janet - I wasn't sure I would be able to identify them, but it wasn't hard.

Prefectdt - I hope we try that variation sometime.

Red - My pleasure.

turiya - I hope I did give Asha some inspiration.

Em - I read your post - great minds think alike!

Celine - Let me know who wins :-)

Jean - It was!

Daisy - I was too. And in that position, it's hard to think clearly.

Ronnie - Glad you liked it. The bat would be an easy one to guess and move along from.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like great fun--for me, but maybe not for my wife. Her perspective is a little different from yours.

Rayne said...

Wow what fun! Speaking of spanking games being 'in' right now, I've been working on a series of posts describing a joint game another blogger (Barely Pink) and I played last week! Fun times :D

Hermione said...

Mick - Perhaps she will pick up a little of your enthusiasm. Let her win the first game :-)

Rayne - I love your description; sounds like so much fun. It must be games week in the blogosphere.


Bonnie-jo said...

I love how you guessed wrong on purpose!!