Monday, November 15, 2010

From the Top Shelf - Discipline

Another gem from Kenneth Harding's Encyclopedia of Spanking, published in 1969. It continues last week's theme of domestic discipline.

In Los Angeles, two weeks later, upon my return from Honolulu, I stopped off for a week to visit an old high school chum who had married and reared four charming daughters, ages eleven to twenty-two. This "rearing" had, metaphorically speaking, been abetted with ample dosages with the hand, the hairbrush and the ruler. During my stay, my friend showed me that even a married young woman of twenty-two--his oldest daughter who was visiting with her husband at their large two-storey house in Santa Monica--so long as she was under the parental roof, even though she was the bride of another man, was not immune from parental chastisement if it was in order.

More than that, her young husband, who was an attorney in a well-known firm and himself about twenty-eight, encouraged his father-in-law to inflict the spanking. His bride, whose name was Patricia, a pretty brownette of medium height with exceptionally creamy skin and a very provocatively mischievous face, had gotten involved in a discussion of city politics with her father over the dinner table, and in her exasperation over his "reactionary" attitude, had said as much in rather uncomplimentary terms.

My friend waited until coffee and dessert were over, and then when we retired to the living room, said calmly, "Patricia, go and bring me the hairbrush," and then turning to her husband said, George, whether you like it or not, Patricia has a good, sound spanking coming and I propose to give it to her." Her husband nodded: "I quite agree, Dad." Then to his astonished wife, "you will do what your father tells you, or you will get one from me too when we get home.".

Thus outvoted, poor Patricia blushingly went to her father's bedroom and returned with the old-fashioned black wooden hairbrush, a souvenir of her girlhood, no doubt. She knew exactly where it was, obviously, and when she returned it was to stand before her father, head bowed, shifting from foot to foot, her fingers nervously twisting the handle of the hairbrush to and fro. She was no longer twenty-two; she was a child again, about to be brought face to face with retribution for her misdeeds.

He asked for and received the hairbrush, then gestured with it; no words were necessary, for with a sobbing little sigh, Patricia slowly took her place over his lap and stretched out on the couch, burying her face in her hands. Her two young sisters looked on with mild amusement; probably this was an old familiar scene and my friend remarked as much, before he began the preparations for Patricia's spanking, by saying: "You know that all my girls get spanked, and all of them watch, even if just one has to get it. It keeps them on their toes, remembering their manners most of the time."

This explanation over with, he pulled up Patricia's rayon skirt and nylon petticoat, whereupon the charming brownette implored him to leave her panties on because of my presence. He told her that she had her choice: she could either leave them on and he would have George give her an equal dosage, and he would lend him the hairbrush to do it with again after they got home, or she could now receive a single spanking. Dolefully, Patricia settled for the latter, it being the lesser of two evils.

Her descended panties around her ankles, her creamy, jouncily rounded, widely spaced and beautifully dimpled buttocks appeared for parental correction. Patricia softly began to cry like a little girl even before the initial "Smack!" marred the flawless purity of her bare skin. Her father laid on forty severe, slowly spaced spanks, evenly distributed to the two huddling, weaving, lunging globes. Midway through, George walked over to hold his wife down by the shoulders, for she was beginning to kick and struggle and try to roll off her father's lap.

When the chastisement was over, she got up and put her panties back in place and sobbingly apologized for her impertinence. Her husband then excused himself to all of us, and took her straight home. I wouldn't be surprised to learn--though I haven't to this date--that he added his own private husbandly admonishment when they reached the privacy of their own connubial bower.
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Em said...

Hermione - thanks for sharing. This was a great little read to start the day.

P.S. the word verification is maddad. Split into.two words it seems to fit the post perfectly ;)

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Her descended panties around her ankles, her creamy, jouncily rounded, widely spaced and beautifully dimpled buttocks appeared.....

That is a great image to start the day with. Thanks Hermione.

Now where is Bacall

Chross said...

Great scene; although it might just be a spanking fantasy re-told as a real-life event, don't you think?

sixofthebest said...

Yes, under a family plan, many such spanking incidents occur. But I have another question. When, and should a son have a right to spank his mother when she is naughty to him. Does the son have a right to bare his mother's bottom, by taking her knickers down. Should other members of family witness her humiliation. Hermoine, I would love to know your honest answer these question's of mine.

Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

Engaging anecdote. Thanks for posting it. Do tell a bit more about the source, Hermione. Is the whole book as good as this? What is its premise? Serious scholarship? Or is it more a Will Henry sort of pseudo-social-science?

ronnie said...

A wonderful book you've found Hermione.
Thanks for this little gem and look forward to you sharing more with us.


Hermione said...

Em - That word verification is quite clever sometimes.

Bogie - It was quite exciting to type too!

Bacall is probably hiding if she read this.

Chross - I agree; probably just a clever way to write spanking fiction.

6otb - I'm afraid that's outside the scope of my knowledge.

Karl - In last Monday's post I explained the source, and my readers knew a lit more about the author than I did.

Ronnie - There's lots more on the way. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

It's typical Paul Little. I used to have this book and many like it. It's that faux documentary style used often by Will Henry, but trust me, it's all fiction.

Michael said...

Wonderful, scene, Hermione. First time I have ever read it. Thank you.

Hermione said...

Rollin - Welcome! You had many like it? I'm envious!

Michael - I'm glad you liked it.


Michael said...

Hermione, congrats on having this post Chrossed! Go out and celebrate by seeing the new Harry Potter movie and viewing your namesake on the big screen.

Hermione said...

Michael - Thank you. That sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate!


Anonymous said...

In real life Dad would be charged with assault and battery.