Monday, November 22, 2010

From the Top Shelf - A Letter

From Kenneth Harding's Spanking Encyclopedia, this is the introduction to the chapter containing letters supposedly written to him:

For the further enlightenment of our readers, I have included a number of letters from persons who have written to me over the years. While these letters do not necessarily express my own personal views, they do represent a cross-section of people who are aware of and interested in the subject of corporal punishment.

I hope you enjoy the letter I have chosen to share with you.

Dear Sir,

Three years ago, I went to room with a widow lady in Baltimore. I remained there for nearly two years. This lady had a younger sister who was twenty-six and very beautiful. She had one other boarder besides her sister Maude and myself. This other lady was Eileen, who was going to college, and she was nineteen.

One morning after I had been there a week, Mrs. V came to me and asked me to sit down as she wanted to tell me something. I did as she requested and then she told me that it was her rule that anyone in the house doing anything wrong or otherwise displeasing her would be taken to her room or else she went to their own room and spanked them or used the whip on them. I asked her why she did it and she smiled and told me that it was the only rule, but that it must be obeyed without question.

She then showed me a note from Eileen's teacher, telling her that Eileen had misbehaved. She said that she intended to punish Eileen and also Maude that night about bedtime.

I first saw Mrs. V in action through a transom. That night about nine-thirty we were all in the sitting room and I was talking to Maude when Mrs. V looked up at the clock and told Eileen that she wanted to see her upstairs. Eileen waited a few minutes and then she got up and went to Mrs. V's room. Mrs. V was there waiting and when Eileen entered, Mrs. V got up and closed the door.

Mrs. V showed Eileen the note from her teacher and Eileen said that she had been very pert, but that she was sorry. Mrs. V talked to her for a few minutes and then told her to remove her clothes. Eileen began to cry and beg Mrs. V not to whip her. Mrs. V told her that she was a naughty girl and deserved a good whipping.

Then Mrs. V went to the closet and got out a tawse, and then she requested Eileen to lie over the lounge, face down. Eileen did as she was bidden. Mrs. V began laying the tawse vigorously across Eileen's squirming backside to the accompaniment of her howls and pleas. Eileen wiggled and squirmed and raised herself up so Mrs. V could spank her well, at the same time crying, begging, and pleading for mercy.

Mrs. V gave her seventy good hard cuts before she stopped and left Eileen promising to be good, moaning softly on the lounge. Mrs. V then called Maude and told her to go to her own room and wait. Then, turning to the stricken Eileen, she ordered her to kiss the tawse before going to her own room to bed, which Eileen did, sobbing.

Mrs. V then went to Maude's room. After closing the door and telling her of her faults, she made Maude lie over her lap and gave her a good sound spanking with a hairbrush. Maude cried and screamed. The louder she would scream, the harder Mrs. V would spank, until Maude finally begged and pleaded for her to stop. She received a full sixty hard smacks before Mrs. V allowed her up, then after she had risen from her knee, Mrs. V made her kiss the hairbrush, then kneel and thank her for the severe chastisement she had received.

I saw many, many more whippings, for Eileen and Maude were spanked in many ways during my stay. I was included also.

Perhaps that's a good place to stop for now. I will continue the letter next time.

Great writing this isn't. I wonder if Mr. Letter Writer saw all the spankings through the transom; he must have been quite an acrobat.

From Hermione's Heart


ronnie said...

Interesting letter Hermione. Makes me wonder why people wrote such letters to him.

Thanks, look forward to more.


Hermione said...

It makes me wonder too. It must have been stimulating to write it. :)