Saturday, November 20, 2010

Guess the Implement - Not!

Today's Mystery Implement is a bit different than usual. I found it in a thrift shop, and it really looks like a handmade wooden paddle. But do you think there might have been another use for it? I can't decide. Perhaps it was intended to have a picture glued to one side of it. Or maybe some teenaged boy made it in shop class to paddle his girlfriend with.

Do you think it had a vanilla purpose? If so, what?

When I found this little gem, my first thought was how exciting it would be to show it to Ron when I got home. Then I remembered that I was with a vanilla friend. How would I explain my purchase to her if she saw me carrying it to the checkout? What would I tell her I was going to use it for? 

What do you think I should have told my shopping companion?
From Hermione's Heart



Is it possibly a hairbrush for the bald?


Anonymous said...

Perhaps an old-fashioned mirror? If there is a mirror on the other side. xoxo

Anonymous said...

You could of told your friend that you collect handmade antiques. That might work.

Season said...

It could be a cheese board. Or perhaps you just took up the hobby of rosemaling and this was your new "canvas"?

Anonymous said...

Is it a cutting board? Personally I like the hairbrush for the bald suggestion. LOL.

ronnie said...

A plaque of sorts or maybe an antique mirror.

You could have told your friend it's for Ron, he likes to collect different types of wood, kind of true.


Em said...

I think you could pass it off as a cheese board or a small cutting board - perfect for keeping on the bar. Of course then you'd have to serve cheese on it at least once to the friend in question ;)

Or maybe s/he isn't as vanilla as you thought and had a good laugh over *her* vanilla friend buying a paddle and thinking its a cheese board!

Season said...

Scroll to the bottom of this link if you want to see some pictures of rosemaled paddles aka cutting boards:

Anonymous said...

It is a homemade butter paddle, used to press the buttermilk out of the of the butter "curds" after it has been churned. They are common here in the west in antique shops. I collect them , and have several dozen, both manufatured and homemade. And yes, all of mine have been used on someones backside, mostly mine.

Michael said...

It's a veteranarian's tongue depressor for a horse. "Open your mouth, Seabiscuit, and say ahhhh."

Michael said...

Also, LOVED Prefectdt's guess, a hairbrush for the bald! That means it can be used to spank with either side. Very convenient.

Libby said...

Kitchen implements! Yay!

Thank you so much for following me, Hermione.


Daisychain said...

My first thought was that it was a hand held mirror, that lies on the dressing table and probably had a matching hairbrush...(hairbrush for the bald, hahahahaha!!!) then I thought it could be a cutting board used behind a bar, for cutting slices of lemon or lime to put in drinks.... but, a butter paddle sounds feasible too.... xxxxxxx

Gracie Malling said...

Umm, you could say it was an 18th century table tennis racquet...?

Or, as other people have said, a *tiny* cheese board, or a bread board for rolls (incidentally, we have a long, thin, rectangular bread board - a 'baguette board' - which we use for 'other' purposes).

Loving the hairbrush for the bald suggestion!!

Mitch said...

A trivet for a very small container.

Hermione said...

Prefectdt - Yours seems to be the most popular guess. I like it too!

OFGirl - There isn't, but I could have hidden the other side. And that's a very good suggestion.

Season - I love cheese, so that might work. Thanks for the link. The term was unfamiliar, but there are several lovely pervertables on the site.

Mick - Could be.

Ronnie - Ah, that's an excellent idea. Blame Ron!

Em - Friend hates cheese, so no danger. Is she one of us? Possibly.

Anon - I really must visit the local antique shops for one of those.There must be some around here in the East too.

Michael - Ewww! And you're right, either side is good for spanking.

Libby - The pleasure is all mine.

Daisy - I thought it would make a nice mirror too.

Gracie - We have one of those baguette boards too. Ouch!

Mitch - Yes, that's good too.

Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions.


LR said...

I have a small cheese board (like a miniature cutting board) that looks very similar. It has been used for purposes "other" than cheese exclusively though, lol

Anonymous said...

Just a thought: As we are all very secretive of our identity (still waiting for that photo of you from behind at a distance, how do we know our friends are vanilla? I agree that a cheese server would be a fun idea to tell your friend.cheers