Friday, November 26, 2010

An Impressive Collection

In response to my Mystery Implement post last week, one of my readers suggested it might be a butter paddle, used when making butter by hand. That reader kindly sent me a picture of their collection of antique butter paddles, all currently in use as spanking implements.

Impressive, no? The one on the far left is the twin of mine. I wonder if they feel the same when applied.

From Hermione's Heart


Our Bottoms Burn said...

Is there a road trip in your future to find out if the twin paddles feel the same?

Anonymous said...

It's hard to imagine that arsenal was used for anything but spanking. But wait, I sense a new euphemism arising:

"Honey, you've been bad; it's time to go make some butter."

"Oh please no...."

PK said...

That is an impressive collection. I saw many of those when we went to Williamsburg, VA but sadly we didn't get one.

I love Mick new euphemism. We're always looking for a way to talk in front of vanillas.


Season said...

Congrats, Hermione! This post got Chrossed! Gotta love the BUTTer paddles. :-)

Michael said...

Yes, congratulations, Hermione, on this post being Chrossed, and all I can do is shake my head at Season's pun.

Season said...

Are you saying my butter joke is margarine-al?

Michael said...

I'm saying is we better knock it off before Hermione bans us from her blog.

Hermione said...

OBB - I think one is enough for my bottom.

Mick - That's a wonderful idea. I love it!

PK - I must go visit some local historical sites soon.

Season - Thank you. I didn't expect a Chrossing! Love the pun!

Michael - Thank you. Isn't Season clever? And you two are welcome here any time. I'm ROFLMAO right now.


ronnie said...

A very impressive collection. I love them.
Congratulations on getting Chrossed Hermione.


Red said...

neat collection!

Hermione said...

Ronnie - Thank you. Being Chrossed is always the highlight of my week.

Red - Yes it is. I'm very grateful to my anonymous reader.


Daisychain said...

Unfortunately, I have no idea what being Chrossed means? What is it, please, someone? xxx

Hermione said...

daisy - Chross is a popular blogger who publishes a Spankings of the Week post every week. If your blog appears on it, be prepared for a huge jump in the number of readers you'll have over the next three days.

He's so popular, he has become a verb!