Sunday, November 14, 2010

You Completed the Caption

Your captions concerning this charming photographer and her fate are so creative and intriguing. I like each and every one!

Michael: "No! You can't take my picture like this!" *stamps foot*

Hard Hand Eddy: "If I give you my cameras you will stick to your promise and let me keep my knickers on?"

Kaeleh: "Okay, where can I best hide those damn cameras? Because no cameras = no spanking photo shoot = no sore bottom... "

Underling: "Triple Exposure"

SixoftheBest: "One if by land, two if by sea, is this a flogging that these cameras will be seeing of me?"

Ronnie: "Do you think he'll take the hint and take a picture after he's spanked me?"

Prefectdt: "This is a matter of honour, gentlemen. You will take one camera each. Upon instruction, you will both walk ten paces then turn and shoot. The worst photographer bares eternal shame." (Duels are a lot less bloody now than they were a couple of centuries ago.)

Red: "Why do I always have to take the pictures? I'd rather take the spanking. After all, I always dress for the occasions."

Em: I'm *not* getting spanked this time for the camera breaking during the shoot. I brought a backup and everything.

After40Sex: "Hmmm, I don't think this is what was meant by 'take a couple pictures of my behind'."

Anonymous: "One camera focused on my left cheek and one on my right. That should make sure coverage of my spanking is ready for the 11 pm news tonight."

Hermione:  "No! You're not going to take pictures of me scraping and painting the walls."

Welcome to all the first-time participants. I'm glad you joined in! Do come back next week for something completely different.

From Hermione's Heart


Michael said...

Hi Hermione, thanks for a lot of fun with captions. Like you said, all were creative, and I especially found that Prefectdt's and Em's made me chuckle.

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