Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Sands of Time

I have a dream. I have had it ever since I read about it on another blog. It may never come true, but still, I can dream.

I want a spanking that lasts for an hour.

I have a plan to achieve my goal.

A series of hourglasses, with different amounts of sand in them. Say, 5, 10, 15 and 30 minutes. We would start off by using the 5 minute timer, and stop when the sand runs out. Next, we would try the 10 minute one. If either of us can't last the full 10 minutes, we will make it our goal to try until we can. Then on to 15 and so forth.

It rather appeals to me to watch the time left decrease as my bottom's redness increases.Recidavist wrote about his set of eggtimers, and he and K have had great success with them.

I think it's a plan. I just might include one that runs for a full hour.

From Hermione's Heart


Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

Uh huh, and what does Ron think of this "ambition" of yours?

I bet it would take a lot of practice on his part to work up to an hour of spanking!

Michael said...

I love your idea, Hermione, and I hope you achieve your goal. An hour long spanking doesn't necessarily mean sixty continuous minutes of bottom slapping, just as constant smacking is not always done in shorter spankings. Implements within easy reach will make it easier on Ron's hand, though tougher on your bum, but if the right type of implement is used in the right way sixty minutes is definitely doable. Also, other than a discipline spanking I always caress and fondle Season's bottom during a spanking, so again, not sixty straight minutes of spanking, but most definitely a sixty minute spanking. Hope that makes sense and sorry for being so longwinded. Good luck with your sexy spanking experiment, Hermione. Timers in the bedroom - I love it! :)

Anonymous said...


honoured to be so mentioned. Yes they are truly wicked, funny how the second half of the sand always takes longer to run out than the first half!!

A 5 minute timer with the Haribrush will usually mean an extra cushion at mealtimes......so an hour.........well, be careful what you wish for....and of course if you get it, blog it!


Throck said...

I love this idea. I, for one, would love to be over C's lap for an hour. I guess Michael has done this but it sounds challenging. I think you should try it and report every week on your progress. By the way I was in Canada last weekend. What a wonderful country.


barely.pink said...

You are a woman with a plan and on a mission! Michael makes some excellent points about an hour long spanking...it's all about implements and caressing. It can be done! :)

Go get 'em!



Our Bottoms Burn said...

Go for it!

We have gotten out of long spankings for no good reason. Maybe not an hour, but close to it when we move from room to room using different positions and toys. Time to do that again. Thanks for the reminder.

Michael said...

No, Throck, I haven't done this with Season...yet. ;) Sorry to have been so confusing with my comment. I just meant to give Hermione support, and maybe a few guide points to help her and Ron. It sounds like a marvelous idea, and kudos to Recidavist for his tailblazing work in this area. :)

Em said...

Speaking from experience I can definitively say that hour long spankings are lovely and everyone (who wants one) should have one.

Hermione, I love your idea of building up endurance with the egg timers! I had a vanilla friend once who did an exercise regime which built one step upon another until the final goal was met. Some steps took one try to accomplish, others days or weeks. Think of all the spankings you'd get while working your way up. Genius!

Ida Virgin said...

Oh yes. I think your dream is pretty awesome. I think I'm just going to file it away in my head with the rest of my dreams, too :-)

I'm not awesome with pain... none of my spankings have ever been really intense... but prolonged light to medium spanks with plenty of massage? Mmm.

ronnie said...

I think it's a wonderful dream, a lovely idea Hermione. Dreams do come true:)
I'd share this with Ron.

I agree Pink, Michael does make some excellent points.

Good luck Hermione, I shall be keeping fingers crossed for you.


Anonymous said...

I am certain I have been over Dev's lap for an hour but ,.. blushes .... you know. :)

Erica said...

This is totally doable! A matter of clever pacing, and you two can certainly pull that off. Go for it!


This can be done with kitchen timers but I have to admit that hourglasses are so much more appealing.


Hermione said...

Karl - I haven't told him yet.

Michael - Your description sounds lovely. Thanks for the roadmap.

Recidavist - Something about your post stayed in my mind. You're an excellent writer.

Throck - That's a good idea. And I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to Canada.

Pink - I have a dream...

Bogie - I want to hear about your progress too.

Em - I can't wait to get started.

Ida - Welcome! And I love massages too.

Ronnie - Michael is the expert! Maybe on a quiet evening I'll explain my idea.

Poppy - Yes, I know...

Erica - As long as I don't pick a time when football is on, we might achieve the goal.

Prefectdt - And a great idea for a Christmas gift for the woman who has everything.


abby said...

I love the hour glass idea! Watching the sand dwindle....several hour glasses, each for a different implement!
I have actually had a few hour long spankings....keep wishing it is worth it! abby

sixofthebest said...

Hermoine, Please be carefull for what you wish. They may come true.

Hermione said...

Abby - Oh, I'm envious!

6otb - One can only hope.