Monday, November 29, 2010

From the Top Shelf - A Letter Continued

From a letter written to Kenneth Harding and published in his Spanking Encyclopedia, we resume where we left off last time:

I was included also. I will never forget the time Mrs. V called me up to my room and, after shutting the door, said, "Joe, you have been a very rude boy lately, and I have been letting you alone. Now you have been here ten days and I have not been able to correct you by reprimanding you. As I told you the rules of this house, you may expect what I intend to do."

Then she told me to remove my coat, vest and trousers, put on my robe, and come to her room. I removed my coat and vest and, leaving my trousers on, went to her room. She ordered me to take off my trousers, but I refused.

She went to the closet and took out a short leather flogger and several thick thongs.  She tied my hands to the back of a high chair and then forcibly removed my trousers, after which she fastened another thong around my knees, holding them securely to the seat of the chair.

"Now, Joe, I intend to give you the soundest flogging you will probably ever receive. Not only have you been rude and disobedient in the past ten days, but just now you disobeyed my command to remove your trousers and fought against your due punishment.

"Now you may fight against the straps which hold you all you wish; you will merely hurt yourself quite unnecessarily as you will not be able to escape your bonds, no matter how hard you struggle."

She began applying the flogger. It stung and burned with every searing cut. I was not to get off so easily as that though, for she soon discarded the light flogger for a riding crop. She commenced at my backside and every blow felt as though it should drive me right through the chair. My buttocks soon felt as though liquid fire was running across them. She moved the lashes slowly down my backside and thighs then slowly back up. By then I had given up struggling against my bonds and was begging. In all I received one hundred lashes before she stopped. My backside was a mass of welts.

When Mrs. V had released me, she made me kiss the two whips. As I could scarcely stand, she did not force me to kneel and thank her, but allowed me to beg her humble pardon. After applying salve to my rear, she went out and left me to recuperate.

From Hermione's Heart


Michael said...

Nice excerpt, Hermione. Kenneth Harding's "Spanking Encyclopedia" is now on my Christmas list.

ronnie said...

Yes, I agree, excellent excerpt Hermione. Thank you. Look forward to more.



Land ladies used to provide a far more thorough service in times gone by :)


Hermione said...

Michael - I wonder if you can get it used on Amazon.

Ronnie - And more is on the way!

Prefectdt - Those were the good old days.


Anonymous said...

Should really been a whip and a dogging bat for variety. :-)

Bonnie-jo said...

Owww!! Fantastic writing. Poor man...or should I say, lucky man? I really don't know...

Hermione said...

Red - I don't think they had dogging bats in Baltimore.

Bonnie-jo - Lucky, I would say.


Anonymous said...

Yes, loved the anticipation with the tie-down to the stool.
if such things were available in Bmore, i'd be heading up 95! :)