Thursday, April 19, 2012

Advice from One of Us?

 Our national newspaper has a weekly advice column that I never fail to read. It's a little different from most in the way that it works. Each week, at the end of the column, a new question is published. Readers submit their own solutions to the problem, and the three best suggestions are printed the following week, along with the columnist's advice.

Recently a new writer took over the column. I had always enjoyed the former writer's witty style and clever resolutions, so was a bit worried about whether or not the newcomer could handle the challenge. Last week, all doubts were laid to rest.

The topic was from a reader whose friend told her that he was cheating on his wife. Should she tell the wife, who is also a friend? The columnist began by saying her usual advice was to tell people to mind their own business. "If I accidentally stumble upon the neighbour's tricked-out basement that looks suspiciously like a sex dungeon, I will simply ask for the name of their decorator. They're not hurting anyone, okay, maybe themselves, but it's consensual so I don't need to get involved."

After considering all the possibilities, her final advice was that the reader should tell the wife about the infidelity. Her final paragraph convinced me that the new columnist was an excellent choice. "And for the record, if any of you ever find out my husband's been unfaithful, I expect to be notified immediately. I'll go straight to the neighbour's dungeon to borrow a few items. And no, the screaming that you're hearing is not consensual."

From Hermione's Heart


PK said...

Oh yes, I like this person!


Aeon's Angel said...

Oh how I wish this columnist had come to my home town paper.

It makes me wonder though who the neighbor does use as a decorator.

Thank you for giving me something to chuckle on today.


Anonymous said...

Fun story. Thank you.



Suzie said...

Thanks for sharing this, I enjoyed reading it!

ronnie said...

I think I'd enjoy reading her column
Thanks for the smile Hermione.


Aimless Rambling said...

They made a good choice. How did you get a picture of my precious kitty.

Anonymous said...

Love sunnygirl's comment and sounds like a truly fun column to read.


sixofthebest said...

Of course if the wife was the 'adulteress', a good caning of 'six of the best'. six of the very best' on her naked rear end, would be most appropriate. Would'nt you agree, Hermione?.

Hermione said...

PK - I do too, very much!

Aeon's Angel - Yes, I have to wonder about her neighbours too.

Joey - Glad you enjoyed it.

Suzie - My pleasure.

Ronnie - She's really quite witty, and gives good advice too.

Sunnygirl - OMG, you have a basement cat? Poor you:)

Kitty - Now you, dear girl, are a ceiling cat for sure.

Six of the Best - I believe it would be appropriate in either case.


Christina said...

Really interesting Hermione! I believe we read the same paper!

Hermione said...

Christina - It almost makes me wish I'd watched the TV show she created, before it was cancelled.

Anonymous said...

This is the best answer I've ever read by an advice columnist. I want to start reading her column; so, I found her.
The entire series of her tv show is available on Amazon. The series received high reviews.


Anonymous said...

not certain I agree with the answer. Maybe a one time happening, and in this internet connectivity days, it would be hard to keep it hidden. However, the final paragraph sounds spot on..

Daisychain said...

What a brilliant columnist!! xxx

Daisychain said...

What a brilliant columnist!! xxx

kiwigirliegirl said...

i like her thinking!

Hermione said...

Kiki - How cool that they're available. Are you going to watch them?

Red - I don't think I'd tell either, and as I recall, the reply is usually MYOB.

Daisy - I thought so:)

Kiwi - Me too!