Sunday, April 1, 2012

You Completed the Caption

This was the caption I liked best from HistoricLOLs, but I like all of yours better!

Simon: "Personally Watson, I think Holmes may be taking the case of the Hyde Park Spanker a little to seriously."
"Well LeStrade, I think it's an improvement on the deerstalker and cape look."

Kitty: From the point of view of the woman, "I can't believe I have to see that man in public, after he spanked me at the party the other night. He's probably telling his friend all about it. I could just die!"

Kitty 2: The man on the right: "Tom! Eyes off her! Feel the head of my cane against your arse, right now? That's right. You're getting that and much worse if you don't remember that your eyes belong to me."

Over her lap: "After a remark like Miss Cathrine just made, I think it is time for her to get a taste of my cane on her bare bottom once again Watson, it seems to work wonders for her attitude".

Red: Could you ever imagine that, dear Watson? She is walking allowing her dress to drag in the dirt... This evening, she will practice holding that dress up, albeit much higher, with her knickers now touching the floor for a jolly good caning. I will teach her to be more lady like in public.

Ronnie: "Charles my boy, did you see that fine lady? What a sight she would be bent over my study desk."

"Charles, don't look back but that was Sir Henry's new young wife and rumor has it he canes her just like he does his servants."

Prefectdt: "I don't want to hurt her but every time she sees me with my cane in hand, she insists that I do."

Six of the Best: "My cane, would pain, with a cut to her butt," said one of these gentlemen. "That would be fine, and Oh!, sublime." said the other.

Vfrat25000: "I say Mr. Jones, wasn’t that a fine example of womanhood that just passed us?"
"I don’t know Mr. Franks. I really didn’t pay much attention...I need to ask you something. Does this coat make me look fat?"

What did that lady just call us? Something about we would make a couple of excellent TOPS. I wonder what she meant by that?

These Spanking Party Themes are getting to be a bit much. I’m about to pass out from the heat and trying to spank one of those ladies all gusseted up is like trying to get in your car after you lock the keys in it.

This whole “Pick Up Spankees in the Park” thing is not working out. I’m not sure that author Mark Twain really knows anything about spanking.

This is a waste of time Charles. Let’s just go back Hooligan’s Bar. I know I can talk the Widow Hawkins into letting us give her six of the best each.

Dave Wolfe: "Yes, Watson, that does remind me how often I have wished I might have soundly spanked the redoubtable Irene Adler. Let's get on to Simpson's and please do not introduce any other tiresome subjects."

(Hm, four of us thought of Holmes! I didn't look at the other comments before making mine! Reaffirming, Hermione, that you have readers of fine taste.)

I certainly do!

Lea: "Double team caning?" "Yes, yes that sounds quite nice."

Ricky: "You know, I think that young woman just winked at me."
"No . . . really?"

Thank you, everyone, for ushering April in with a bang. See you all next week!

From Hermione's Heart

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kiwigirliegirl said...

"I say Jeeves, a spankable bottom if ever i saw one"