Thursday, April 26, 2012

Meet the newest member of the team

Isn't this a beauty? It's a lovely carved wooden paddle, suitable for hanging on the wall in any room when not in use for you-know-what. It's 60 cm (24 inches) long, and the other side is plain and flat. Would you believe I can actually feel the difference between the two sides on my bottom.

Ron and I were in my favourite thrift store recently and as usual, we made a trip down the aisle of wooden items, just in case. I spotted it half-covered by a wooden bulletin board that had a painted duck on top. Bending down, I pulled it out and held it up for my husband's inspection.

"What do you think?" I asked. "Isn't it gorgeous?"

Ron looked a little embarrassed. It was unlikely anyone nearby could guess the purpose we would put it to but he shook his head. "No, put it back. We don't need it."

I obeyed. Temporarily. We didn't need another implement, but I wanted this one. A day or two later when I was out alone, I returned and looked for my treasure. To my great relief, it was still on the shelf. I paid for it - only $3.99 plus tax, such a bargain - and carried it out to the car, wrapped in a plastic bag. I left it in the trunk of the car when I arrived home and waited until the next morning to slip outside while Ron was still asleep and bring our newest acquisition inside. I took a few pictures of it first, then hung it on the implement rack where my husband would see it next time I was due for a spanking.

Sure enough, on our regular date night, I walked into the bedroom and saw it lying on the bed, ready for action. Instead of being annoyed that I had bought it in spite of his order, Ron was pleased. He picked it up.

"Look, I'll have to use two hands," he demonstrated.

I suddenly had second thoughts. "Well, go easy until we find out what it can do."

Rather a lot, as it happened. It packed quite a wallop, made a satisfying sound, and was sturdy enough not to need a lot of force behind it. And it didn't break. We were both impressed.

Tax time is always stressful for us. I choose to put off the inevitable until the last day, but Ron set aside most of last Saturday to do his. Needless to say, he was quite grumpy and out of sorts by the time he was done, and he owed a sizable amount. When it was time for spanking fun, I wasn't sure what to expect.

Our new carved paddle lay on the bed waiting for me. Ron said simply, "taxes" as if that explained everything. I guess it did. Every swat helped him to get his frustration out. As he paddled, he grumbled aloud:

"I hate doing taxes."

"I hate paying taxes."

"Eight hundred and twenty-three dollars!"

"Stupid government."

"Using my money to buy fighter jets."

"Not gonna get it!"

By the time we were done,  I felt well-paddled and Ron felt much better. He even smiled as he put away the implement. I hope I'll feel as cheerful after I do my taxes this Saturday.

From Hermione's Heart


Spanky said...

That looks like a great addition to your arsenal!

Dee said...

Ah I love it. Very pretty :)

Dee x

Hermione said...

Spanky - It is, and deserves the top place on our rack of implements.

Dee - Beautiful and functional.


Rosie said...

Yikes! I hate wooden implements! But I'm glad you found an implement you like :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful implement, I would find a spot on the wall and keep it there.

You are a brave lady.


SNP said...

Pretty and you got a bargin price.
I enjoyed reading a personal story of yours as well.

Hermione said...

Rosie - Wood can be tough to take, but I have learned to love it.

Joey - I try to be brave; it's an important part of the spanking dynamic for us.

SNP - I always love a bargain:)


Our Bottoms Burn said...

It certainly looks like it can get the job done. Nice.

spankedbywife said...

Sometimes the Universe gives us gifts. I think your paddle was one of those special gifts. And as one who makes some of our own implements, I can appreciate the beauty of your little find.

We have a paddle that has carving one one side and I can feel the difference in the two sides, too.

Anonymous said...

Always wonderful to find a new toy... and two sided for your booty... Ron should experiment with a different side for each cheek... interesting idea I think...
Happy Spankings
(and wasn't spanking so much better than Ron being grumpy for a week)

June said...

I rather like wood ;-) Daddy is extremely partial to wood. He would be duly impressed, and decorative, too! Bonus...

ronnie said...

Oh yes Hermione it is a beauty, quite lovely.

Even though I prefer leather (except for the cane:)) I would have done exactly the same as you.


Aimless Rambling said...

Very pretty and it worked well too. Good value.

Hermione said...

Bogey - It does, very effectively:)

Ken - The stars were aligned that day. I'm glad you agree about the difference in the carved vs smooth sides.

Red - He will probably do lots of experimenting with it. Yes, I must say I prefer a good whacking to a grumpy hubby any day.

June - Lots of men prefer wood. I wonder why that is.

Ronnie - There isn't much in the way of leather at the second hand shops, except belts.

Sunnygirl - I always like value for my money.


Anonymous said...

I have to know. Did the paddle leave flower impressions on your butt? Lol.


Daisychain said...

I was wondering the same as Kiki!!! Do you have flower welts all over your bottom??? xxx

Blondie said...

Oh, I really like that paddle. It is something I would choose. What a bargain. I agree with Kiki and Daisy, if the padle left flower impressions

Hermione said...

Kiki - Not really. I had hoped they wood, but I guess using the other side too prevented any lasting impressions.

Daisy - No, but maybe next time he will use only the flower side.

Blondie - It is both useful and ornamental; what more could a girl want?


otk4us2 said...

What a beautiful piece Hermione, and at such a bargain price... good job! In order for the imprint to show on the bottom cheek it would only take one fairly hard smack. Any more will just redden the whole area and cover up the imprint. Ready for one good hard smack on your bare bottom cheek.... hehe.


Hermione said...

Dave - Thank you so much for the advice. I will pass it along to the boss and we'll try it.


Rod of The Canery said...

It's really nice. Quite a bargain, too.

Julia said...

I love thrift stores! And always look in the wooden isle too, but I haven't had any luck yet. Just reading your post makes me want to go to my favorite....maybe I will.

Hermione said...

Rod - You can't beat the price:)

Julia - It wouldn't hurt to take another look. There are new things coming in every day.