Sunday, April 29, 2012

You Completed the Caption

The picture was captioned in two different but equally funny ways on Now here are your captions:

Kingspan: In this early advertisement for the Spencer Spanking Plan, the benefits of having two motivated partners are clearly shown.

SNP: "My wife's backside is going to be the color of the hood of this car later tonight!"

Spanky: Husband: "Make sure to clean the bottom of that frying pan too, or I'll use it to make your butt sparkle more than the pots!"

Sunnygirl: I wonder if she's wearing panties under that dress?

Fanz123: This cleaner is amazing, it cleans the pots and pans as well as the car.
Think how much money we can save by using it.

Vfrat25000: Woman: “I am finally getting spanked tonight. It took me forever to convince that clueless husband of mine to turn me over his knee.”
Man: “I must be crazy…Why would any woman want to be spanked? I am so thankful I came to my senses before I actually spanked her. I could have really made her mad!”

Woman: “This frying pan will work great! We will see what explanation he has for that receipt I found for a pearl necklace.”
Man: “I wish I knew what I did with that receipt for my secretary’s pearl necklace”

Woman: “Housework sucks! I hate cooking...I hate dusting…I hate wearing dresses around the house and I especially hate dish washing and little pink aprons!
Man: “My wife is the perfect wife. She loves cooking and cleaning and she looks so cute in that pink apron.”

Woman: “My bottom is so sore I haven’t been able to sit down all morning! That spanking I got last night was one to remember! I am so glad he is leaving on a business trip. That will give my bottom time to rest before I tell him about that new color television I bought yesterday!”
Man: “Wait till I tell my sweet wife the news...My trip got cancelled. A COLOR TV…I think maybe I’ll use a hairbrush tonight!

Welcome to this Week’s Episode of “Leave it to Beaver”
June Cleaver: “Where is that little brat Beaver? He and his delinquent brother Wally are the biggest pain in the butt kids any mother could have. And you, Ward Cleaver, if you were any more boring I think I’d stick my head in the oven. I wonder if I could get a gig playing a spanking model without my loser family finding out?”
Ward Cleaver: “June…If you only knew I was fooling around with your sister!”

Ricky: She: Oh, look! Another toy!
He: Oh, no, not that, please!!!

Ms Betty: Just as soon as I finish rewashing all of these pots he's getting a paddle swat for every spot he left on them, bent right over the hood of that shiny car of his.

Ronnie: She'll have a different opinion of her new pan when I use it on her bottom.

Six of the best: "Honey," says her beloved husband to his wife. Then continues, "When I get through shining up this spanking new car of ours, I'm going to bare that bottom of yours, and spank that voluptous naked rear end of yours."

Autumn:  Thought bubbles...

Hers - "Hopefully Clark will appreciate how well I've cleaned up the kitchen. I can almost see my reflection in this pan... and that should distract him from that little ding I put in the car."

His - "I see my lovely wife is busy tidying the house... that must mean something's up. She probably thinks I didn't notice where she scratched up the car.

My that pan is rather shiny... I bet it will show a fine reflection of her bottom as I give her a spanking to match the new paint job I'll be putting on the car..."

Thank you all for your hilarious captions! There's something about cleaning that brings out the spanko in all of us.  I've got a real doozy of a picture for you next week; see you then!

From Hermione's Heart

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