Saturday, August 10, 2013

Complete the Caption

Spanking is by no means a recent invention, as you can see from this illustration.

Complete the caption by leaving a comment and I will publish your illuminations in the next post.

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

If any of you ladies want to spank this knave for his misdeeds please line up.

Simon said...

And here we have a panel from the oldest known erotic comic strip "The Adventures of Sir Will Thrashall".

Michael said...

Few people knew that Popeye and Bluto's feud went back this far in history or that in the early stages Bluto was this dominant.

ronnie said...

You take the Lady Karen like this and then spank her but of course not with your sword.


Tim said...

As a Pirate I would have given my captured beauties and option of 'Walk the Plank' or 'Take the spank!'

ricky said...

You Brute, You Brute, You Savage Brute!

vfrat25000 said...

Somebody go separate the Baldwin Brothers before they manage to inflict some actual damage to each other.

Looks like Sir Whitney and Prince Michael are it again. Sir Whitney told Prince Michael he looked like a sissy dressed in that candy cane outfit.

Let me go you overgrown putz, the Princess is watching

Those two losers are fighting again.
What do you expect when you dress grown men in tights, frilly clothes and even dumber looking hats? One word and the fight is on. Damn, I wish somebody would invent blue jeans.

I invented the internet.
No you didn’t, I did
Bite me.
Kiss my A*S you TWINKIE
You fight like a girl
I’m exhausted
Me too
Want a Beer?

garyntboy said...

King Henry had little patience when it came to sword practice. He did have however, a penchance for smiting his opponent on the rear at every opportunity.
Kind regards,


Sir Walter had to learn that he must be careful about where he was poking his sword.


Bonnie said...

"Don't make me go medieval on your ass!"