Sunday, August 18, 2013

You Completed the Caption

What's the diagnosis? Here are your suggestions.

Tim: And these spanks have to be taken how often Doctor?

Michael: "Dr. Hind, I'm suffering from Spankophilia and I will need to be spanked daily? Is that a diagnosis recognized by the National Medical Association?"

"Miss. Gilstrap, I can see by your denial this case of Spankophilia is more advanced than I thought. So now your dosage will be two spankings daily with a third to be added if no improvement is seen."

Sunnygirl: You are recommending spanking to relieve tension, are you kidding?

Kingspan: You want me to participate in a spanking study???? Wow!!!!! I mean, uh... yes, I suppose I could do that, you know, if I can fit it into my schedule.

Vfrat25000: Yes, I’ve have children. They are my pride and joy. See the smile on my face? They are angels. Little Jimmy painted my living room. Sally made mud pies in my kitchen. Being a mom is wonderful. Did I mention Frankie leaped off the garage roof to fly like Super Man?

No Doctor. I have no problem with coffee. I drink 8-10 cups a day. I can’t see that it has any effect on me!

You told my husband to turn me over his knee and do WHAT!!!!!!

You’re kidding……Oh Sweet Mary…I recommended “50 Shades of Grey” to my church reading group. I thought it was about old bridges in Winchester County.

Woman: Something just crawled up my leg.
Doctor: It’s probably just Barney our Pet Lab Rat. He got loose this morning.

GaryNTboy: 'You know what professor ? You were right, this laughing gas really does take the sting away after a good spanking.'

Six of the best: "Hermione, I've thoroughly researched your problem, and I like the other good doctors such as Freud, Jung, and Kinsey, recommend only one solution, and that is that you be given a good spanking on your bare bottom, once a day."

Ronnie: "You want me to do what? OK I'll do it but you'll have to spank me first."

Mike: Doctor, I should have listened to my Mother. She said if I kept making this face one day it would freeze in place. Can you help me?

Ricky: YEE-OWW-oooh!!! Now that was a spanking! I can't sit down...mmmm ....

Sir Wendel: Damn Doc! This new spanking pill gives my bottom the sensation of being paddled with a hair brush.

Arched one: Mrs. Plumpbottom, I believe the only cure for your problem is a spanking from your husband twice a day, and if that does not help within 3 days the spanking should increase to 4 times a day for a month.

Prefectdt: Testing of the electric punishment seat was going well.

Hermione: Doctor, doctor, gimme the news, I've got a bad case of lovin' you."

I hope you all stay healthy during the upcoming week. Thanks for playing Complete the Caption.

From Hermione's Heart

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