Thursday, August 29, 2013

Museum Startles

Last week the weather was fine so we went on a day trip to a lovely little village situated in a picturesque location by the water. We had read about a museum there and thought it would be an interesting place to visit. When we arrived we were startled to find that we weren't the only ones who were visiting that day. Both sides of the main street were lined with parked cars and the sidewalks were crowded with tourists who were making their way from shop to shop. We drove on and we could see the road clearing a few blocks ahead. We finally passed the parked cars and found plenty of parking away from the shops and restaurants. As I got out of the car I was pleasantly surprised to see the museum right across the street.

The museum was located inside a very old building (old for Canada, that is, probably less than 200 years old) that was once a busy carpenter's shop. Every available inch on the walls was covered with articles from bygone days, each one accompanied by a neatly printed card explaining the purpose of the item. I kept my eyes open for possible spanking-related items and I wasn't disappointed.

I don't have a cell phone with a camera (or even a cell phone without a camera) so I didn't take any pictures. All the pictures below were found on the internet just to give you an idea of what we saw. 

First, we stopped at a glass case displaying personal grooming things and saw a very old, very long, leather razor strop.

The razor strop was easily two feet (60 cm) long and doubled over. I'm sure it would have cracked had it been straightened out. Just as well it was no longer used for its intended purpose of warming someone's bottom. It looked positively evil!

In another area a display of cleaning goods included a giant carpet beater. It was easily twice as long and wide as the ones we have for play. I pointed it out to Ron, who smiled and said he liked ours better.

There was also a small corner devoted to items used in the schools of the 19th century. There was a slate, a wooden pencil box, maps, a tiny desk, quills, and of course, the tools of a teacher's trade:

a wooden yardstick, for keeping order

and a rubber-tipped teacher's pointer, supposedly for pointing to things on the blackboard or on a wall map. I know it was also useful for getting an idle pupil's attention. I've seen it in action.

Upstairs there were more displays of life way back then, including a little bedroom complete with quilts, a rocking chair and a doll's house. There were also collections of articles used in the dairy for making butter and cheese. At the cheese-making exhibit I saw a row of wooden paddles like the one below.

The paddles were aligned on their sides and there were at least a dozen of them. There was no card beside them so I don't know if they were a collection of cheese boards, or if they were somehow involved in the process of cutting the curds into small blocks. It was a very useful paddle rack.

On the way back downstairs we enjoyed an exhibit of early law enforcement  that included the actual door of a jail cell as well as various pairs of handcuffs, a jailer's leather belt, and a picture of the old jail itself.

It was quite a small museum and we were through in half an hour, but on the kink-o-meter I thought it scored quite high. Don't you?

From Hermione's Heart


Michael M said...

Definitely high score on the kink-o-meter. It is very destracting to spankos having to go round museums and galleries. There is always something that catches the eye. For myself i love going round antique shops with an eye open for pervertables or the real thing.

abby said...

Funny how our perspective of every day objects can match our interests.
hugs abby

sixofthebest said...

Hermione, We know what the original intent was for these objects, but how many of these items were used for somebody's bare bottom. What stories they could tell us, if they could speak.

Roz said...

Definitely hight on the kink-o-meter. Sounds like a great outing and that you found a real spanko treasure trove.


Minielle Labraun said...

Kink-o-meter is definitely ringing. Sounds like fun! I was expecting a picture of a hairbrush. I was at a second hand store yesterday and found a beautiful hairbrush and mirror set. It looked positively frightening as a spanking tool.However, it was out of my price range for a second hand store! The price for the brush alone was 69.00. I wasn't going to experiment for 69.00!

garyntboy said...

Quite high indeed, I'd say about a nine....Those paddles may have been butter pats, used for getting the butter into blocks. But what do I know ? Can't abide wooden paddles in the first place !
Good post.
Kind regards,

Katie said...

LOL Hermione!! :) Sounds like quite an interesting little museum visit! Glad that you both had fun, and that it was equally entertaining! Thanks for sharing. It's amazing how once you live this kind of life, that kink-o-meter accompanies us everywhere we go, isn't it? Suddenly the world is filled with reminders to behave! LOL! Hugs to you,

<3 Katie

ronnie said...


Sounds like a very interesting museum. Probably a good job you didn't have a camera or mobile as you wouldn't have been able to stop taking pictures of spanko related items.

Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

Uh oh. I think you may have stumbled into *warning--shameless plug approaching* The Puritan Museum (
Sorry, that was teed up so perfectly, I could not resist.

Aimless Rambling said...

I think us "spankos" find signs everywhere. lol

Glad you enjoyed your day.

Erica said...

Yes, my kink radar would have been going off too.

Hermione, you just might be the only person I know of who doesn't have a cell phone. May I add, good for you! How did we all get on in life when we weren't accessible 24/7?

Hermione said...

Michael - Very distracting, and I do the same thing at antique shops.

Abby - It depends what hat you are wearing at the time.

Six - I'll bet the razor strop could tell some beauties!

Roz - We had a delightful day out.

Minelle - I didn't see a hairbrush, strangely enough.

Gary - I agree, something to do with cheese or butter. Your suggestion sounds quite likely.

Katie - It's like looking at the world through rose-coloured glasses.

Ronnie - Sometimes they frown on picture-taking in places like that.

Rollin - That looks like SUCH an interesting book. You are forgiven:)

Sunny - We are indeed a special breed.

Erica - I loved my BlackBerry, but unfortunately had to give it up when we had cutbacks at the office. I'd love another one but Ron says, who do I need to call so badly that I can't do it from home? He doesn't realize they are like mini-iPads.


DelFonte said...

This has become a habit of mine also - I see spanking aids everywhere :)

Terpsichore said...

many possibilities there :-)

smuccatelli said...

Butter paddles look a lot like the ones you posted, but they usually are a bit squarer and have a series of shallow grooves running lengthwise on one side. These ones may have something to do with making cheese.

Daisy Christian said...

Nice kinky time it

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how we can find kink in so many places. Thanks for sharing your visit.


Hermione said...

DelFonte - It's fun, isn't it?

Terpsichore - The mind boggles!

Smuccatelli - Either way, they look up to the job at hand.

Daisy - Yes, it was very enjoyable.

Joey - I didn't even mention the sports equipment:)


Unknown said...

hopefully all these lovely implements lead to a nice spanking when you returned home...
bottoms up

Pecan nutjob said...

Years ago, I was visiting a European chateau where they displayed some items from the famous and wealthy people who lived there.

In one exhibit, besides grooming items, was a clyster syringe... and not the kind meant for self-administration. One could imagine the lord or lady of the place having to bare it all and being purged by a servant!