Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wednesday WIN

Cooking and baking are two things I enjoy doing when I'm not blogging or being spanked. Today's photos have a food theme.

Beating sometimes takes an awkward turn

This is a real cutting board that adds a little drama to the kitchen

Oh, that's so punny!

Crunchy iced bottoms are perfect when it's your turn to bring snacks to the meeting

It expires when?

Butts win over popcorn every time

Happy hump day!

From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Great Win photos. Love the cookies they could start a wonderful conversation.

Roz said...

Great wins Hermione, thanks for sharing.

Love the cutting board and the cookies! Sure they would be a great hit at a party!


Minielle Labraun said...

I love that cutting board, it reminds me of Salvador Dali's The Persistence Of Memory.

Katie said...

LOL Hermione!! I liked them all! The pinecone one made me LOL! Those cookies are cute and look yummy too! Hope that you are enjoying your Wednesday! Hugs,

<3 Katie

Aimless Rambling said...

They were all great. The cutting board is a hoot and Ray would just love those cookies.


Anonymous said...

I love the cookies and the cutting board. hugs :)

Hermione said...

Arched one - I made cookies like those for Valentine's Day one year.

Roz - The cutting board could be a heart-stopper.

Minelle - Right on!

Katie - I had to think a moment when I saw the pine cone pic.

Sunny - Why not make some of those cookies? Use a heart-shaped cutter then cut off the point.

Saturn - Thanks!


Erica said...

LOL! Oh my god, that milk. Imagine actually seeing that on your milk carton.

I've seen desk paperweights that look like an overturned cup of coffee. Very realistic at first glance!

ronnie said...


I like the cutting board. Make a great gift.

I'll have to make some of those bottom cookies for next time I meet a blogger.


Hermione said...

Erica - It would make you look twice. Did I really see that?

Ronnie - I hope you do. That would be fun.


ricky said...

About the real cutting board,

"Oh, mother, blood, blood!"


(Don't mind me, I just saw the HITCHCOCK movie about the making of
PSYCHO. It's terrific: you'd swear
Anthony Hopkins was Hitch himself!

Are you going to take a shower tonight?

Good Evening.

cutiebootie said...

Great post! I love the punny pine cone and those butt cookies are great. Thanks for sharing. =)

crankyspanker said...

Hello there

It has been some time since I have visited here but I am back.

Maybe but I just have to point out that paper wraps rock and breaks scissors, and paddles beat bottoms, well at least in an ideal world. If you must add popcorn to the equation at least make it extra butter.



Anonymous said...

Them thar's some funny stuff. I hate to pick just one to comment on. So I won't.

I would find out which employee at the ice cream parlor thought up the signage and give him/her a big hug of thanks and a $20 tip. Not much better than smart AND funny.

I had deja vu all over again with the realistic cutting board. I was in a dollar store just tonight and they had fake...wait a minnit!Fake? Why the hell should I say fake?...anyway, brains and hearts packaged like you would see if Jeffrey Dahmer owned a deli. I anticipate hours of good clean fun distributing them to the meat section of local grocers.

Anyway, great fun-thanks for sharing...

Kat said...

Those are great wins! I want that cutting board.

Fondles said...

i LOVE that cutting board!!