Sunday, August 4, 2013

You Completed the Caption

This travelling gal is in for a difficult journey. Here are your thoughts:

Sir Wendel Jones: Ever get the feeling you forgot something?

 Mick and Lynda: Wait babe, you're not ready yet. It's a NUDIST colony.

On the way to the airport, let's stop and light at candle at the church. I've got my hat. Did you already pack my Bible?

Michael: Honey, I feel like I'm missing something. Did you see my other glove?

Minelle: "Honest, this was in the suitcase from the resale shop!"

Bonnie: The list said to be sure to pack a dress and I only own one.

Six of the best: "Hi" said this naughty beauty to me. "I'm here to have a spanking good time, as you promised me."

Ronnie: Harold, that will be the last time I let you pack for me.

Arched one: Honey does this hat go with this outfit?

Ami Starsong: French knickers, French kisses, French spankings?

Mitch Philbin: Should I check this bag or carry-on? It's got all my toys in it. Think they'll notice?

Daisy Christian: Ok honey, I'm ready to this ok to wear?

Dr. Ken: "I know they say they're having some financial troubles, but I still think these new mail carrier uniforms leave a lot to be desired...."

Tom: How wonderful, you've brought your friends. I love a challenge!

Welcome, Tom!

Vfrat25000: Mr. Jones, you said casual dress for our board meeting today, right?

I want to drive. This outfit has saved me at least a dozen speeding tickets

MOM! The babysitter is here.

WOW! When you said you had nothing wear you weren’t kidding were you?

Lady Koregan: Darling, I was just leaving to catch my train when I looked down and noticed a very odd stain on my dress.
Would you care to explain?

Hermione:  Hi! I'm the Fuller Brush girl.Would you like a free demonstration of you complete line of hairbrushes?

That was fun! I hope you all enjoy a pleasant summer (or winter, depending on your hemisphere) week.
From Hermione's Heart

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