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From the Top Shelf - Albert Strikes Back, Part 3

Albert Higginson was an old-fashioned man who did not approve of the way modern young ladies dressed and the way they carried on. In part one he discovered that his pretty next door neighbour was entertaining a man while her husband was at work. In part two he applied a riding crop to her bottom instead of telling her husband about her unfaithful behaviour. But the punishment isn't over. Here is the final instalment of Albert Strikes Back by R.T. Mason.
The next morning Albert was again knocking at the door of his next door neighbour. It really was convenient that Dorothy went shopping so frequently - most mornings - but of course if you didn't have a car there was a limit to how much you could carry.

Melanie nervously opened the door to her visitor. She was in jeans and blouse again. She could have put on a skirt but, well, what was the point if he was going to do what he did yesterday? She led the way into the lounge, her heart thumping madly. The thought of that crop was diabolical but, to her embarrassment, fear wasn't the only thing making her pulses race.

Melanie's bottom had stung like mad for quite a while after the awful Mr.Higginson had left but gradually the sharp pain had eased. And as that sharp sting died away, she began to realise that shock and horror wasn't all she was feeling. It had been diabolical but at the same time she was shocked to realise that the memory of it was exciting. To be forced to bare her bum like that for that stern old man and have him whip it with a riding crop! It was shameful and painful but it was also a real turn-on!

Her sense of sexual excitement had increased and by the time Gary came home from work, Melanie was feeling really randy. She grabbed him as soon as he had one foot inside the door and, rubbing her body up against him, suggested they go straight upstairs. This was a complete shock to Gary, for Melanie was never like that when he got home. She had given him a hot sexy kiss and breathed, "God I really want it!"

And randy Melanie had definitely been in the bedroom. Lewd and disgusting! In fact she had damn near raped him! Albert Higginson would undoubtedly have condemned it, even though it was her own husband, but, lewd and disgusting or not, Albert had unwittingly been the catalyst for her aroused behaviour.

So Melanie's feelings were slightly ambivalent as she led Albert into her lounge; something akin, indeed, to the mixed feelings with which she had greeted Trevor Wilmot into that same room. Any sexual feeling of course was overlaid with the vivid memory of that stinging, biting pain. It had been just about the worst pain Melanie had ever experienced. It was not surprising that, for all sorts of reasons, her heart was beating like the clappers.

"Please don't use that bloody thing on me again," she pleaded.

"Watch that language," ordered Albert sternly. He placed the riding crop on the sofa. He had, as it happened, been giving that very subject some serious thought. Melanie's bottom, with her jeans down, had been a very stimulating sight. Lewd and disgraceful, of course, but nonetheless, overwhelmingly tempting. Albert had experienced an almost irresistible desire to put his hands on it - on those skimpy, salacious knickers. Naturally, being a decent man, he couldn't resort to overt fondling but what if he spanked her instead?

"You need a taste of this whip every day the way you've been carrying on," Albert pronounced loftily, "but I could be kind and make it a bit easier on you today. I could let you off with just a spanking - though next time it will have to be the whip again!"

Wide-eyed, heart pounding faster, Melanie digested this new dimension. Albert had gone quite red in the face.

"Of course to compensate for a less severe punishment, this will have to be with your knickers down, of course!"

You dirty old bugger, Melanie thought - but naturally didn't say so. A spanking couldn't be as painful as that crop, and though she knew that baring her bottom completely was for his own gratification, the thought of being over the old man's lap with him seeing everything made her heart beat even faster.

"No, " she said, "You can't" but her protest lacked conviction.

"So you'd rather have the riding crop?" Albert asked. He took hold of it and whipped it through the air - twice. There was only one answer and Melanie knew it. "You're awful," she muttered but started taking down her jeans.

"And those - things," instructed Albert. He had sat down on an upright chair. 'Those things' were this morning a respectable white in colour, but they were as brief and skimpy as ever - Melanie didn't own any other sort. Albert could have taken them down himself, once she was over his lap, but that way he wouldn't have been able to see what was beneath them. And though Albert would never have admitted it, he did want to see her naked and be shocked by it. Without such a focus for outrage, Albert's life would have been quite empty.

Melanie didn't turn her back as she obediently slid her knickers down. Albert's eyes were hot and glazed and his mouth was dry. Utterly disgusting, he told himself. It was a sign of her utter wantonness that she could calmly stand in front of him like that and take her knickers down. The fact that he had ordered her to was, quite naturally, beside the point.

He looked, stared, drinking it all in, and then said, "Come here," his voice barely a croak.

Melanie's bare bottom over his lap was almost too much for him to take. The lewd, yet frighteningly attractive rounds seemed bigger than ever. Melanie wriggled it, getting herself more comfortable, and Albert saw sights which no respectable man should witness. He thought he was about to have a heart attack. He told himself to keep calm, this was indeed a stern test of will and nerve. He raised his hand and brought it down - hard. His hand on living flesh, stinging it. Hot, firm yet resilient. He brought his hand down again. The sensation was quite beyond description. The wanton young hussy made a moaning sound.


"Was she hanging out her washing again this morning, dear?" Dorothy enquired, not really interested but trying to find common ground for a conversation.

"Uh...er...no," said Albert distractedly.

Dorothy was making the tea after getting back from the shops. "I'm surprised she has that much washing, being only him and her. But young people nowadays can afford lots of clothes, not like when we were young."

Albert wasn't really paying attention. He was seeing Melanie Halford's bottom over his lap. Watching it get redder and redder. Feeling the most wonderful sensations ripple through his body as he spanked her till her bottom was stinging hot. Hearing her make those gasping, moaning sounds. Afterwards she had made him a cup of tea. Sitting next to him on the sofa she had been quite contrite.

"Do I need to have much more of this, Mr. Higginson?" she had asked, fluttering her eyelashes at him.

Albert assured her that such was definitely the case. She'd said, "I-I'm not going to see that chap any more, Mr.Higginson. It's all over. I was very stupid."

"Well you're still going to get some more, " Albert had told her. "You haven't anywhere near paid the price as yet." Surprisingly, Melanie had accepted this with equanimity, saying only, "Very well, Mr. Higginson, but I'd rather not have that awful crop." To which Albert had retorted gruffly, "You'll have a lot more of both, young lady!"

And Melanie Halford hadn't argued. Clearly, Albert thought, his hard-line treatment was just what she needed and she simply accepted it. She must know, deep down, how much she deserved it.

Albert would have been more than a little shocked had he known that his strict judgment and the prospect of more punishment had sent a thrill of excitement through Melanie's body.

"Albert, are you listening?"

Dorothy's voice broke sharply into Albert's reverie of Melanie Halford's rear which had fallen, like a ripe plum, into his hands. He uttered a distracted "Yes".

Presumably he could stop her wearing those scandalous jeans now - if he really wanted to. But Albert knew he wouldn't. He would go making angry noises but that was all. Because he knew that even though he was now smacking it bare and whipping it, he would still want to spy on it from behind the bedroom curtains and possibly find further pretexts to keep Melanie Halford in line.

"Albert!" exclaimed Dorothy once more, in irritation.

Albert said yes, he had heard everything she said. He wondered if he should go round next door again tomorrow. He didn't want Melanie to think he was some kind of crank. or a Dirty Old Man. People got such funny ideas these days!
What an excellent way to bid farewell to 2013. See you all next year for more exciting stories from the top shelf!
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ronnie said...


Excellent. Have really enjoyed Albert Strikes Back. Thank you.

Look forward to seeing what you choose for us next year.


Michael M said...

Thanks for a great blog and for your support in 2013.
Best wishes for 2013
Lovely story by the way. Very crisp white panty tale.

Hermione said...

Ronnie - I'll try to find something special for next week.

Michael - I like the way you describe it!


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Hi Hermione, a great way to end the year indeed! I really enjoyed this series, thank you for sharing. Looking forward to what you have in store for us in 2014!

Happy New Year to you and Ron! Wishing you all the very best in 2014.


Hermione said...

Roz - I'm glad you liked that story. I'm also anticipating the new year with pleasure.