Monday, December 30, 2013

You Completed the Caption

I am amazed at the creativity that this picture inspired! Here are your clever captions.

Dave Wolfe: "Why, that's silly; why can't a woman play the lead in an Oscar Wilde production?"

Six of the best: She says, "I'm just WILDE about spankings. So here is my bare bottom to you, may you have a 'spanking good time' upon it".

Leigh Smith: "I'm waiting."

Michael: Lady Faversham was not happy to be kept waiting while her ponygirls were being harnessed up. Tonight there would be sore bottomed groomsmen and groomswomen as well as tender ponygirls.

Cat: "The longer I am required to wait...the worse it will go for you!"

Sir Wendel Jones: I don’t always spank but when I do I spank bare bottom.

Ronnie: Well, what are you waiting for? Get over my knee.

DelFonte: So you think my top hat is wonky. Come over here and say that!

Vfrat25000: I said I needed a character that looked like a MOM! Not a DOM!

I would like to introduce Ms. Franks. She is the new supervisor of our Returns and Complaints Division.

Kids! What are you doing home so soon? Dad and I were rehearsing for the … uhhh… the Community Theater. That’s it, the Community Theater!

I present to you Madame Kane and the Chocolate Factory, a magic factory where grown up boys and girls find many treats that have little to nothing to do with chocolate.

You think she looks pissed off now, wait till I tell her I just painted that chair.

Wonderful, Aunt Kay started hitting the New Year’s celebration Scotch early. She looks like a cross between Willie Wonka, the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland and Mistress Bianca from that S & M Club on 5th St.

Ricky: Which is colder, her icy stare, or the weather?

Roz: Next! I haven't got all day!

Clara Baker: Get in line. I can handle whatever is required!

Welcome, Clara!

Measha: My brother, Willy, specializes in candy; I specialize in something more delectable. Now, take off those riding pants and bend over.

Anonymous: "(Inserts full name)" come here NOW!"

Prefectdt: The mistress was annoyed that her clothes were not ready but decided that having to cross-dress did not seem so bad, as long as she was the one who got to wield the cane now.

Baxter: Dear, I told you to bend over the desk for me to cane your bottom. I meant now, not when you feel like it.

Hermione:  Mistress Annette couldn't tap dance very well but everyone applauded her soft slipper routine.

I really must watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory soon. It will take on a whole new meaning. Thank you, everyone, for having fun with me this weekend. Starting next week, Complete the Caption will appear on a new day to make room for the Spanko Brunch. This blog will now be the new permanent location of the Sunday brunch hosted for so many years by our good friend Bonnie. Please join us for our first discussion of 2014.

From Hermione's Heart

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